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On Tuesday we logged onto zoom only to find out that a tiger had escaped from Chester zoo and had bitten Miss Wild!!

She appeared with a sling on her arm and told us the story of what had happened to her….. but we didn’t believe a word of it! Well, most of us anyway! We had correctly identified the fake news that Miss Wild was trying to spread, and we were able to use our detective skills to help us spot further fake news on the internet. It was all part of a lesson in aid of and recognition of safer internet day and with the class learning online so much, this lesson felt more relevant than ever.

In other news, we’ve had a fun filled week with lessons and subjects in a whole range of subjects and areas. In maths, we’re all working hard to compare fractions, decimals and percentages; and in Literacy we’ve used formal language to write a letter based on the book Farther. In science, we learnt about separating materials from liquids, including evaporation, and this inspired some to have a go themselves at home.


There was also time for a whole range of workshops, from Street Dance, to PE with a dice, to Quentin Blake inspired art... we have laughed and giggled from one activity to the next. We even squeezed in a practical maths lesson where we measured the perimeter of a space… by using their own footsteps.


As always, the children have shown a huge appetite to learn and enjoy themselves, no matter what the subject. Well done Pickmere!

Lastly, we just want to take this opportunity to say a huge T H A N K - Y O U to each and everyone of you (parents, grandparents and pupils) that has helped this term be the success that it has appeared to have been. We know that this is not the ideal situation and we would all prefer to be in school full time. However, despite the challenges we have faced we have been so amazed by how well everyone has managed to keep calm and carry on. Thank you team Pickmere for being the best versions or yourselves and for aiming high.

Have a wonderful half term team, 

Miss Wild, Mr Ashworth and Mr Taylor

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