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Pickmere have had great fun taking part in an Egg Drop challenge for Easter!

The children were shown a video before being sent away to build an egg protecting contraption of their own. It was great to see so many children utilise their knowledge of air resistance and attempt to build parachutes to help lessen the speed of the drop; something we had investigated in school a few weeks back. Unfortunately, for many, the eggs appeared to have cracked and this may have resulted in having to have their eggs scrambled the following morning! For others, their contraptions were more successful, and the eggs lived to tell the tale!


In other news this week children have been taking part in singing, street dance and art with Chris Gilbert. In Maths they have recapped and reviewed some prior learning and in Literacy they have been putting some Tanka poetry together. 


We are really looking forward to another return to school next week and can assure you that we have lots of fun activities planned for the week ahead. Maths and literacy each morning followed by a series of practical science, Easter themed art and DT!


Let’s end this crazy term on a high!


Have a lovely weekend team, 


Pickmere x

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