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Pickmere have had lots of fun getting to grips with the year 5 curriculum this week.


We have had a busy week – as always! A particular highlight for the children was the return to our weekly swimming lessons! The children were all fantastic when off-site and it has been lovely to see just how confident they are within the water.


In literacy this week we have been focusing on deepening our knowledge and understanding of nouns and adjectives. We have been comparing different types of nouns and have been using our adjectives when creating expanded noun phrases.


In maths we have continued to work on our place value knowledge. The children have been fantastic in reading and writing numbers to a million. They have also been looking at the value of each digit within a large whole, and decimal, number.


On Monday afternoon the children got to grips with their new topic vocabulary. On Wednesday the children created information posters based on how to stay calm and collective. The tag line that we used was ‘Flipping our Lids.’ The children were all really mature when discussing tried and tested techniques that could be used when trying to stay calm under pressure. Thursday afternoon was spent immersing ourselves in the world of space. The children created some wonderful two-page spreads based on the solar system. And finally, we think about Friday! Today will be well spent diving deeper into the Lord’s and School Prayers. Children will work with a partner to decipher the exact meaning behind each of these.


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend come rain or shine. Lots of the children are feeling a little tired as the first week back is always a little shock to the system – hopefully they shall all have a little time to catch up on some rest ahead of Monday.


Miss Wild and Mrs Law

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