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Pickmere were very fortunate with the weather this week as their trip was predominantly outdoors.

Everyone had a wonderful time getting to know Rosie and her farm animals. It was really interesting to learn more about what life looks like for a farmer and it was even better having the opportunity to help her with some of her daily tasks. Children (and staff!) were able to weigh, measure and check the lambs and helped with deciding whether they stayed on the farm for years to come or went 'up the road'! We also took part in a mini-beast hunt where we found numerous interesting creatures lurking behind bushed, in amongst trees and under logs. In addition to this, we got to meet all of the farm animals and helped feed them. Whilst having fun and helping Rosie with her daily farming tasks we learnt lots in relation to the gestation periods of each of the animals and their life cycles. A wonderful, and dry, day had by all. 

 A second highlight of the week for the children was when they had the opportunity to create the Lunar Phases using Oreo biscuits. We had some wonderful diagrams produced. 

Back in the classroom children have been focusing on areas of the year 5 grammar and spelling sections of the National Curriculum. This week we have primarily focused on modal verbs and the suffix -ing. In maths children have started to practise their addition and subtraction skills and we are looking forward to seeing these develop over time. In RE we have focused on 'How Jesus helps the sick' and in CARE we have discussed the benefits of positive and negative consequences. The children were very mature during some of the more sensitive discussions had. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Miss Wild and Mrs Law


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