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Your child's home learning grid will be given out at the start of each half term. The expectation is that children complete one task of their choice per week and that this is handed into school every Friday. This will be marked weekly by the teacher. Creative homework is shared at the end of the half term. Each homework learning grid consists of 2 maths, 2 literacy, 1 creative and 1 personal development activity. Please note the timings noted on each homework, in Year 5 this usually consists of a maximum of 40 minutes work. 

In addition to this, please make sure your children are still up to date with all of the things we are learning in school.

  • Year 5 weekly spellings
  • Times Table Rockstar practise
  • Daily reading
Spelling lists will be given out at the beginning of the half term and you work through them, week by week. There will be a spelling test and times table test each Friday. 
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