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Welcome back to school. I would like to welcome all the children, including new starters to Sandymere. This year will be very exciting and we have had a brilliant first week.


We have began the topic "What Causes War and Brings Peace", the children have discussed what they know about peace and war, and are excited to learn about WW2. Within Literacy they have already used non-fiction books to start to find information and through discussion brought up a huge range of questions to research. Through role-play we explored school issues and how to make a bad situation peaceful for everyone.

The children have been playing maths games to support their learning about doubles and halves up to 20. They are efficient at counting in steps of 2's, 5's and 10's and can order the days of the week.

On Thursday we had our first cooking session. The children learned how to cut with a knife safely and made a fruit salad for us all to eat in a whole class tasting session!

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