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This week Sandymere have been observing their new caterpillars, they have grown five times bigger and are beginning to crawl around the tub. We have looked at the stages of the lifecycle and think that they are going to turn to chrysalides soon. Hopefully they will wait until the children can watch next week.


On Monday the children made fruit kebabs! They had lots of fun cutting and organising the fruit onto their skewers! All kebabs looked delicious and the children were excited to eat them at home.

In literacy we have been developing our story writing by focusing on opening stories by describing the setting. The children have used their five senses to describe settings and developed their sentences throughout the week to improve their writing. I am pleased that the children are using fantastic adjectives to help describe their setting and are learning how to build a picture in the readers mind.

In Numeracy we have developing our understanding of the number system by splitting three digit numbers into Hundred, Tens and Units, and learning to round two digit numbers to the nearest 10. We had fun hopping around on chairs to help us learn this concept!

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