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This week has been exciting for Sandymere. On Monday the children went to Trentham gardens with Oakmere and Hatchmere. Everyone had lots of fun along the sensory walk, getting muddy feet, and got wet on the train ride! I would like to say that I was impressed with the children's behaviour throughout the day!


In numeracy we have been learning about inverse operations and how they can help us check an answer! Within literacy the children have been developing their adventure stories through deeper understanding of characters feelings following events in a story. The children wrote diary entries as characters to explore feelings and the five senses.

We have had a very busy Science week, we designed and made an Olympic Stadium and incorporated an electric circuit to light it up. We also had a very visitor, Nikki, to teach us about the natural water cycle and how to save water! All the children have made a promise to try to save water over the holidays! At last one of our butterflies emerged from the chrysalis, the children observed the butterfly and watched it unroll its proboscis to drink the sugar water from some tissue! The children are hoping to see the other three butterflies come out today and if it is not raining set them free in their natural habitat to continue the butterfly life cycle!

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