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On Monday, Sandymere said goodbye to the butterflies they have observed growing from tiny caterpillars.

It was a very exciting moment to watch them fly away into the wild to hopefully start a new life cycle of butterflies. I would like to remind you about the big butterfly count this year, please take a short time to participate and help save the butterflies as your children were extremely interested in them and would like to see them again.

Sandymere have been writing adventure stories and have written their first extended story, I am really enjoying reading them all, as they are full of wonderful ideas!

To finish our Olympic topic the children made a healthy meal for an athlete, Rainbow Couscous. All of the children were efficient at cutting up their vegetables and enjoyed making their meal. I hope everyone at home enjoyed them.

As the end of term approaches I would like to say that I have enjoyed my time with Year 2 and wish them lots of good luck for year 3!

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