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Inspired by Kes Gray books, Sandymere participated in spy training on World Book day!

The children participated in secret missions and training exercises in the afternoon then graduated from the Academy as fully qualified secret agents. The best agent made her way through the laser web with no contact, an impressive accomplishment. The afternoon was great fun and all children enjoyed the activities. Ask your child about their favourite part of the afternoon!

In numeracy we have been learning about capacity. We spent time outside working practically in the water trays, the children were able to read to the nearest 100/50 ml in a measuring jug and compare different capacities.

As most of you are aware from discussion on parents evening we have started a new online homework at MyMaths. This will replace the usual paper based maths homework. If I haven't spoken to you at parents evening your child will have the login code and details in their book bags today. Please feel free to speak to me if you have any questions.

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