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It has been wonderful to see how excited the children have been about the chicks this week. 

We started off with 1 on Wednesday morning and as the day went  by 3 more hatched which the children got to see. 

Then on Thursday morning 4 more had hatched overnight. They are now all out of the incubator and its great to watch them grow each day! 

On Monday we will be having a chick day! The children will be writing about how the eggs hatch and how we can look after them. 


In literacy and maths we have linked our work to potions. In maths the children had to work out measures and in literacy they had to write some instructions for how to make their own potion. 

We were also lucky enough to see key strings this week too. They showed us a multicultural journey through time! 


This week we have said Goodbye to Miss Lewis. We wish her lots of luck finishing her course at Chester University. 

Have a lovely weekend 

Miss Prince 

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