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This week has been Children’s Mental Health week, which is important every year but feels even more important this year.


Children’s mental health week this year has been focused around children expressing themselves in different ways to help them to manage and understand the emotions they are feeling during these difficult times. The children took part in a range of workshops to support this during the week and it was great to see everyone so engaged. We took part in a drama workshop, a singing workshop, stretch and relaxation session, art session and dance fitness. We hope the children enjoyed these opportunities as much as we did.


In our literacy lessons this week we’ve continued to look at the Bog Baby book and it was great to see each child’s Bog Thing creation. They were even complimented by the illustrator of the book on Twitter, which was very exciting!

In maths we have continued looking at money and it’s great to see the children becoming really confident with this.


As of next week on Google Classroom for literacy and maths there will be 3 worksheets for the activities and these will be starred from 1 to 3 based on the challenge level of each worksheet. Parents and children can choose which level of worksheet they complete for that activity. It is not expected that all 3 worksheets be completed.


A quick reminder to keep checking the Google Classroom stream, there has been lots of activities and suggestions linking to Children’s Mental Health week as well as class reader videos and cooking challenges.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Dodd

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