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Sandymere last week!

What a busy week for Sandymere last week! First I would like to say a huge well done to all the children for an outstanding performance on thursday night! The children were very excited and all their hard work came together perfectly. Thank you to parents for all your help with costumes and learning lines.

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Exploring multiplication

This week Sandymere continued exploring multiplication. Extending from using practical equipment, they learned how to draw arrays to show and find the answer to a multiplication. We also continued to identify lines of symmetry in shapes and drawn reflections using mirrors.

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Road Safety and Anti-bullying

Sandymere learned the green cross code, and have supported anti bullying week through drama.

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A Religious Week

Monday morning, at St. Peter's Church, Sandymere celebrated the baptism of Baby Annabelle. Reverend Elaine taught the children of the importance of baptism to Christians and modelled the process, explaining the symbol of water and light, and the promises made to God. It was a lovely opportunity for the children to encounter religion and learn in a different environment.

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Electrical Safety and lots of shapes

This week Sandymere had a visit from an electrical safety officer. During the workshop the children learned about dangers of electricity and helped identify a few dangers in the kitchen. It was a fantastic start to our new unit on Electricity and the children designed some warning posters to show what they had learned.

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