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Top Trumps and Leaf Man

Sandymere have worked hard in numeracy this week, learning methods of addition and subtraction. We consolidated using the partitioning method and applied our learning to solve word problems. At the end of the week we began to learn how to add and subtract on a blank number line. The children have worked very hard to show their working out and some children have even progressed to three digit numbers. Well done!

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Five senses

Sandymere really enjoyed their first Science day on Wednesday. Following our topic 'What guides us?' we went along the theme of our five senses.

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Investigating materials

The children have worked extremely hard during assessment week, and deserve a big well done. We are currently benchmarking and I thank you for your patience while this happens. As this is a lengthy process I apologise that reading does not take place as often this week and ask could please support us by ensuring your child still reads at home.

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Walker Art Gallery

On Wednesday Sandymere enjoyed a trip to the Walker Art Gallery, with a focus on portraits to continue the theme from our recent art day. Miss Wood and Mrs Law were very impressed by the children enquiring after works by Pablo Picasso (art day theme) but unfortunately the gallery did not have any.

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Doubling and Halving

This week Sandymere have been exploring doubling and halving. The children learned to double by counting on, and to halve by sharing equally into two groups. It was fun working out new prices in the 'double and halve shops' during a practical lesson, in which the children used white boards, number squares or coins to help them find their answer.

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