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Fruit Batteries and Museums

Last Friday Sandymere had a visit from Mr Gibson who works in the electricity industry. He explained how power stations produce our electricity, and how workers keep themselves safe at work.

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Sandymere Super Science

Sandy mere have had a very science filled week. Thursday was the third whole school science day this year, focusing on careers in science and applying science to real life. We began by looking at heart rate and how exercise affects our bodies.

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Getting ready for bed

Last night Sandymere enjoyed their fish and chips back and school, and then watched the Lorax before bed. The children were excellent getting ready for bed and slept soundly all night. A big well done to all of the boys and girls!

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Sandymere residential

We have arrived safely and been exploring the different plants and animals that live in the local pond. It has been a wonderful day and we are currently beginning our sandcastle competition on the beach!

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Tree Sprites and Home-Made Switches

On Monday Sandymere finished their SAT's, well done to all of the children for their hard work!

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