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Easter Celebrations

First I would like to say a big thank you to all of the children who entered the egg decorating competition on Tuesday, all the designs were wonderful and the children had clearly worked hard.

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Sandymere completed their Art work

This week Sandymere completed their Art work based on Eileen Agars 'Bride of the Sea'.

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Daisy 006 and a Bit Secret Agent Academy

Inspired by Kes Gray books, Sandymere participated in spy training on World Book day!

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Measuring and Adjectives

Sandymere have had a practical, hands on numeracy week, we have been using rocker scales to balance, and to identify lighter and heavier. We extended our learning by reading scales and applied to Little Chefs measuring out the ingredients to make tasty, delicious flapjacks.

In Literacy we have begun our narrative topic, using books by Kes Gray as inspiration for writing. Miss Wood was impressed at the ambitious adjectives the children produced on Thursday. The children were able to write a detailed description using the adjectives to improve their writing.

In the afternoons we have looked at the children's examples of surrealism and began to design our own pictures based around Eileen Agars 'Bride of the Sea', which uses a mixture of surrealism and collage. The children are excited to finish their master pieces next week.

Pancake Flipping

First I would like to highlight how much the children enjoyed the visit to Yuet Ben Chinese restaurant last Friday.

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