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Problem solving

Sandymere have worked hard this week. In numeracy we have been following lines of enquiry and used bar graphs to display the data.

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Blue Planet Aquarium

What a busy week we have had! On Wednesday the children went to the Blue Planet Aquarium to learn about different underwater animals.

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‘Bug’s Life’

On Wednesday children had a 'Bug's Life' workshop provided by Chester Zoo! The children learnt about giant bugs, and had the opportunity to stroke a Madagascan Giant Snail or a Cockroach! They learnt about many different bugs and where they come from.

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How we should care for our planet?

Welcome back Sandymere, we have an exciting term to look forward to learning all about 'How we should care for our planet?'

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A Very Grumpy Inn-keeper

I am so impressed with the Nativity this week. The children have worked extremely hard and which was shown through an OUTSTANDING performance on Tuesday!

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