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It is incredibly important that children attend school each and every day. Doors open at 8-35am and registration starts at 8-50am. If your child arrives after 8-50am they will be marked as late. In the event that your child is absent from school you should inform the school office by 9:00am. School will follow up ALL absent pupils by 9:30am unless a reason has been given. If your child is absent from school through illness for 10 sessions or more a term medical information will be requested. If this is not provide future absences will be recorded as unauthorised. In the event of your child being absent from school for whatever reason, work will be sent home in order that they can catch up on what has been missed. Please also try to avoid booking routines appointments within the school day and where possible these should take place outside of school hours. If you require a leave of absence from school you should complete the appropriate form which is available in hard copy from the school office or via the hyper link. All requests for leave of absence are considered by the Principal individually. The documents below are used when considering each request for absence and are reviewed regularly.


For more information about attendance please see the CWAC ( Local Authority Website) 


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