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We were delighted to receive an outstanding grade for our SIAMS inspection. Please read the report below.

Delamere Church of England Primary Academy
Stoney Lane,

Diocese: Chester
Local authority: Cheshire West and Chester
Date of inspection: Thursday 16th January 2014
Date of last inspection: 6th May 2009
School's unique reference number: 136553
Headteacher: Mr. Steve Docking
Inspector's name and number: Mrs. Anne B. Woodcock (445)


School context
The school was previously voluntary controlled and gained Academy status in April 2011. Substantial improvements have been made to the building, providing impressive teaching and learning areas of high quality. Inward mobility is high and the number of pupils attending the school has grown dramatically. The majority of the pupils on roll are from white British, generally high socio-economic backgrounds. The school's staffing structure has increased and been re-modelled to meet the evolving needs of the school. 


The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Delamere Church of England Primary Academy as a Church of England school are outstanding.

  • The behaviour and attitude of pupils is exemplary. It is firmly based on their understanding of the Christian values of love, care, peace and respect.
  • Pupils' personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is exceptional. It is achieved through the provision of an enriched curriculum, high expectations and support for all.
  • The leadership and vision of the headteacher, senior leaders and governors have successfully driven change and maintained the explicit Christian character of the school.


Areas to improve

  • Involve pupils regularly in the planning and leadership of acts of worship.
  • Establish a system to evaluate collective worship which involves pupils, informs future planning and develops the quality and impact of worship.


The school, through its distinctive Christian character, is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners.
The Christian values of love, care, respect and peace are embedded in the work of the school. They are well-documented and effectively promoted and they make a significant impact on the personal development and academic achievement of all pupils. All members of the school family know and share the values. "Our values come from God so we respect people, love each other, care for and look out for each other," explained one pupil. Pupils' behaviour is exemplary and their attitudes are excellent. They are mature, confident and articulate. They are highly motivated and eager to learn, saying that their lessons are always fun and interesting; consequently they make rapid and sustained progress and attainment is consistently high. Those with additional needs are very well-supported. They progress well and make positive contributions to the life of the school. Pupils' personal development is outstanding. The exciting and wide-ranging curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to explore and share their ideas creatively. Religious education (RE) supports pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development very effectively. Lessons are well-paced and they challenge pupils' thinking and ideas. This strengthens their knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and influences their perspectives on deeper issues. One child, for example, stated that, "Our work in RE shows you how to become a better person," The wide range of extra-curricular activities offered extends pupils' abilities and skills and provide opportunities to collaborate and compete. Special days, such as the recent Diwali Day, enable pupils to experience and understand cultures and faiths other than their own. Children are very proud of their personal achievements and those of the school. They strive to achieve the targets set for them within a calm and purposeful working atmosphere. The art work and other displays, reflect the quality of pupils' work and inspire further learning. Christian values and RE displays feature strongly throughout the school. Relationships are very strong and supportive, reflecting the school's focus on mutual respect and love. Parents are very confident that their children are happy and nurtured within a distinctly Christian environment and attendance is well-above national averages. They comment very positively about the impact the school has on their children's confidence and well-being. Pupils have a growing awareness of their place in God's world and their responsibilities for its care and conservation. They explain, "We are lucky to have money to spare with those less fortunate, so we share it, like Jesus told us to do."


The impact of collective worship on the school community is good.
Children and adults recognise that collective worship is central to the daily life of the school. It is well-planned and is firmly based on Bible teaching and Christian values. Considerable efforts are made to ensure that themes are linked to work in RE and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) lessons. This enables pupils to re-visit themes and further explore and discuss their ideas and personal responses. Pupils have positive attitudes to worship saying, "It makes you think about how to treat people." They behave well within a worshipful and respectful atmosphere. They enjoy their worship experiences, particularly when they are able to participate through reading and acting out stories or saying prayers. However, they do not have regular opportunities to plan, lead and evaluate worship themselves and this is an area for improvement. Collective worship is led by staff, clergy and visitors and takes a variety of forms. The rector of the local church leads worship regularly. Her involvement is having a significant impact on the quality of worship. Aspects of traditional Anglican liturgy have been strengthened so that children better understand their significance. There is a greater focus on the value of prayer. Pupils know and say traditional prayers such as The Lord's Prayer and they write and use their own prayers. Time is given for reflection and personal response. Pupils say that this has a positive impact on future actions and decisions, "I think, have I been doing things right and can I improve?" The current emphasis on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is beginning to develop pupils' understanding. The church is used for the celebration of major Christian festivals. Parents value and attend these services and occasional worship events in school. Their 'blogs' on the school's website, together with those of the rector, reflect the positive impact of such child-led worship. Although collective worship is effectively recorded and monitored, it is not yet evaluated to inform future planning. This is a focus for development.


The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the school as a church school is outstanding.
The substantial changes to and growth of the school have been effectively managed. The headteacher, senior leaders and governors have ensured that, throughout all the innovations and expansions, the school's core Christian character has been maintained and developed. Leaders and managers have a clear Christian vision for the school which is explicitly expressed and clearly understood by all members of the school family. Relationships are exceptionally strong and supportive. Governors have a very clear understanding of their role. They support and challenge the work of the school effectively, ensuring that church school priorities are included in school improvement planning, and that RE and collective worship have a consistently high profile. The headteacher and governors have addressed the issues raised in the last inspection. Governors have a clear understanding of the future needs of the school through their involvement in thorough and effective self-evaluation. Many visit the school frequently, acting as willing helpers and leading after-school activities. They monitor the work and Christian ethos of the school, ensuring that Christian values are integral to all aspects of the organisation. Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school. They recognise that the welcoming Christian family atmosphere, together with the very friendly, approachable and inspiring staff, have a significant impact on their children's personal and spiritual development. Parents are actively engaged in their children's learning and many act as willing helpers in school. Links with the church have been significantly strengthened and developed since the arrival of the rector. The church and school work together on joint projects, such as the recent fashion show, which extend out into the community and improve cohesion. Pupils are confident that their opinions are valued and acted upon and this provides them with a genuine sense of belonging to the school's community They are particularly proud of their charitable efforts and the way in which their work has been recognised through the achievement of Artsmark and Eco awards.



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