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Newsletter 27 November 2020

Friday 27 November 2020


Dear Parents 

It certainly is starting to look and sound a lot like Christmas, this week Carols are being practised and  decorations are being made and the children are getting more and more excited. Next week in school, we  will be putting up our lights and decorating our Christmas trees and the children in Key Stage 2 will be  putting the final touches to their Carol Concert, which will be filmed and edited for parents to enjoy. 

On Friday 11th December is our Christmas Jumper Day and school Christmas dinner. It saddens me to say  that this year, for the first time in many years, we are unable to invite all of our Delamere families to join us.  However, this event will still take place for our children and we will make this as exciting and as seasonal  as we can. On the day we will be collecting selection boxes and festive treats, which will be donated to the  Mid-Cheshire foodbank. A Just - Giving page will be set up in aid of Save The Children also. If your child is  in Key Stage 2, and they would like a Christmas dinner please arrange this via eeZeetrip. 

This week in school … 

This week Hatchmere experienced little sparkles of Christmas cheer! The children  were delighted to discover they would be making a Christmas decoration for a tree at  Chester Cathedral this year! Please see Twitter for photos of the pretty decorations!  Due to covid rules, sadly the children will be unable to decorate the tree in person,  but hopefully families will be able to visit the tree during the festive season. Another  Christmas message was finding a piece of 'Father Christmas fluff' on the  playground! This brought so much thrill and excitement for Hatchmere, dreaming of  Father Christmas travelling over Delamere this week! Reverend Angela visited the  class on Wednesday and talked to the children about David and Goliath. The children then brainstormed what makes them feel brave and wrote their thoughts into  a courage jar. We were all so impressed with their neat handwriting! 

Oakmere have loved exploring our new book 'Juniper Jupiter' in our literacy lessons this week. The children  have thought carefully about what qualities a superhero sidekick would need and have then created their  own. They loved participating in some hot-seating where they interviewed their potential sidekicks. The  children have also created some beautiful Christmas tree decorations, which will be proudly displayed in  Chester Cathedral.  

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Newsletter 20 November 2020

Friday 20 November

Dear Parents,

This week marks Anti- Bullying week, with the theme “United Against Bullying” and today is Odd Socks Day. The children and staff are all wearing odd socks to raise awareness for bullying and will be using lesson time to talk about bullying. Even our year 5 children who are home – schooling this week are joining in during their live teaching sessions.

This week, the children in Hatchmere have been able to take advantage of our new outdoor area! Our new canopy is up and looks brilliant in our outdoor area. They have been learning about shapes in maths, focusing on triangles and circles and have created some lovely pieces of Kandinsky art using these shapes.

Oakmere have been working incredibly hard on their maths this week. We have practised counting objects to 20, writing the numbers 11-20 in words and representing numbers with objects. This morning, the children did some practical maths. They were using lego bricks to estimate and measure the length of different objects around the classroom. In Literacy, we have been creating story maps and writing our own endings to the book 'Eliot, midnight superhero.'. It is fantastic to see all of their odd socks for anti-bullying day!

This week in Sandymere the children have enjoyed learning about adverbs in grammar, they particularly enjoyed playing an adverb charades game! In literacy we've been using our new knowledge of adverbs to help us write instructions to make a jam sandwich, the children enjoyed verbally explaining to Miss Hume how to make a sandwich and learnt quickly the need to be specific in their instructions. In maths we have been looking at the inverse relationships between addition and subtraction calculations as well as using practical resources to help us solve subtraction problems.

Blakemere have loved learning about foxes this week in Literacy, researching information online and using similes for description about the animals. This is all part of their work on ‘Fox’ by Margaret Wild. In maths the children have worked hard on solving addition and subtraction problems, they particularly liked using the inverse to solve pyramid puzzles! In topic the children have focused on vocabulary this week, creating cool pop up books of information.

In science, this week , Nunsmere have been getting up close and personal with the digestive system! The children recreated stomachs with a plastic bag by mushing up biscuits and orange juice, we then pushed the food through the large/small ‘intestines’ (tights!). In topic the children have been looking at the Iron Age in more detail. In literacy we have been identifying key themes throughout the story ‘Leaf’ and in maths we are continuing with our focus on multiplication and division.

After a slightly chaotic start to the week, Pickmere have once again got back into the swing of home learning. They have been our first class to trial learning via Zoom Meetings and it has been a huge learning curve.  It has been fantastic to see so many of our Pickmere pupils engaging with these live sessions. It is amazing how quickly we can adapt to our new, temporary, ways of teaching and learning. Each day they have all been taking part in a SODA activity, maths lesson, literacy lesson and an afternoon activity. Well done Pickmere for adapting so quickly. We can't wait to welcome you back to school. I would like to say a big thank you to the parents and families of our Year 5 children. Your support and willingness to help up get your children’s learning online has been fantastic. Miss Wild and the Year 5 team are so impressed with the children’s engagement and how well they have all adapted to this new temporary way of working.

This week Linmere have 2 new helpers ( associate teachers). They are Miss Stanley and Mr Taylor. Miss Stanley will be working in Year 6 and Mr Taylor will be working in Year 5 when they are back. Linmere have been working hard on planning their non-chronological reports this week and over the next few weeks will be writing their very own which will be all about wolves. In maths we have been working on short division and will move on to other methods next week.

The children have continued to work really hard in PE this week in a variety of sports including handball and badminton. A highlight for Hatchmere was taking part in their very first lesson of hockey. The children learnt how to hold the hockey stick correctly and how to dribble and hit the ball.

Just a gentle reminder to book your child’s place for a visit to Father Christmas who will be making a visit to school on the 14th and 15th December. Father Christmas will be waiting in his sleigh by a twinkly, cosy cabin, with real snow falling. Children can approach at a safe two-metre distance to say hello, tell him their Christmas wishes and have a photo taken. Tickets are available on Eezee trip , please book ASAP to guarantee a place.

Some happy news to end this week. I am delighted to pass on the news that Mrs Inskip and her husband Tom are expecting their second child in 2021. We cannot wait to find out whether Bailey is to have a new baby sister or brother.

Have a lovely weekend,

Julie Clayton

Head of School

Dates for your Diary

1 st December – Whole School Vaccination Programme – please return forms asap

2 nd December – Crib Services at St Peter’s – R, Yr1, Yr2 bubbles

2 nd December – KS2 Video Performance

7 th & 8th December – Stone Age Workshops and dress up days

9 th December – KS1 Video Performance 10th December – am – Hatchmere Nativity Rehearsal at Church pm – Hatchmere Nativity at St Peter’s – will be videoed

11th December – School Christmas Dinner and Jumper Day - details of how to book for your child will be issued on Eezee Trip next week.

14th & 15th – Father Christmas Visit

16th December – Open Afternoon – by appointment only 3:40pm – 6:30pm

18th December – Finish for Christmas holiday 

Newsletter 13 November 2020

                                                                                                                        Friday 13 November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


Today is Children In Need, and to mark the occasion we have had Delamere Academy’s Strictly Come Dancing Dance Off. Please see our Twitter feed or YouTube. https://youtu.be/NE5unKAen_A   for our class entries.  As well as this the children have been learning about the projects and the good work that takes place, thanks to the money donated. For more information on how to donate, please see the website. https://www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/donate/


This week in PE our Key Stage 2 children have continued to work hard in their handball lessons with a focus on shooting technique. Also through taking part in adapted handball matches they have been working on decision making in competitive situations and applying tactics. In Key Stage 1 the children are continuing to develop their fundamental movement skills with a focus on manipulative skills including catching, kicking and throwing. 


Hatchmere sponge painted beautiful poppies into their art books this week to remember the brave people and animals on Remembrance Day. The class sat beautifully through Mrs Garner’s Remembrance Day Service and all complimented her handmade poppies too. Hatchmere loved taking part in the Children in Need Strictly Dancing this week; didn’t they do a brilliant job! We hope you enjoyed seeing it on Twitter! 
We are currently having a canopy built in the Hatchmere garden area, ready for outdoor learning to continue as we move into the winter months. We can’t wait to use it!


Oakmere have worked incredibly hard during assessment week. We have been so impressed with their determination and resilience. However, we have also made sure we have had lots of fun this week too! We have completed some drawings of poppies for Remembrance Day and some sketches of Pudsey for Children in Need. Today, we are making Stone Age necklaces that the children can wear for their dressing up day later in the term.


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Newsletter 6 November 2020

Friday 6 November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back, I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable half term . Yesterday saw the start of the second national lock down. Fortunately, this time we are able to stay open and for us we hope to continue, very much business as usual. New guidance for schools only came through on Wednesday evening and I am happy to say it had no significant changes. We have however, had to postpone some of our curriculum enrichment activities and our Open Afternoon – all of which have been rescheduled to take place in December .

This week has seen the completion of our new art installation. It is truly splendid. It is so lovely to see and hear the children engaging with it. So many conversations about countries, places visited and favourite animals. A big thank you to Rory McCann Murals for all of his work.

Here is a snap shot of what the classes have been up to this week. Please remember to check our Twitter feed for daily updates and our website for the classes weekly blogs. https://www.delamereacademy.co.uk/

Hatchmere enjoyed their Collective Worship with Reverend Angela this week about Saints, she was very impressed with the children’s questions and excellent behaviour! Hatchmere also took part in a bushcraft lesson with Mr Ashworth linked with the school topic. The children enjoyed building a village of round houses using natural materials in the forest. They looked spectacular! The children also made special red and purple poppies this week, to remember all the brave soldiers and animals in the war. They are displayed at the front of the school. Friday was Hatchmere's online safety day. As well as learning how to stay safe online, the children had a go at logging in on the macbooks and onto NumBots!

Oakmere have had a lovely week back at school. The children really enjoyed their collective worship delivered by Reverend Angel where she read the story of Noah's Ark and discussed Remembrance Day. She was really impressed with their thought provoking questions! Following on from this, the children painted a poppy on their stones ready to be displayed along the path next week to help us all to remember the brave soldiers and animals.

This week Sandymere have been this week starting a new topic in both literacy and maths. In literacy this half term we’re looking in recipes and instructions. We’ll be focusing on the book The Disgusting Sandwich and writing our own recipes for a disgusting sandwich! In maths this week we’ve started the topic addition and subtraction and the children have been working really hard. Today we spent some time thinking about Remembrance Day next week and created poppies for the display.

Blakemere really enjoyed our work in science this week, they were dissecting and investigating parts of a plant. This was exploring the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal. The children also loved painting pebbles as part of our Remembrance work, these are going to be displayed along the school path. The children also learned a lot about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot, they found this fascinating. 

Nunsmere started their week with an online workshop from United Utilities, which focused on the Water Cycle and ways that we can save our precious supply of water. We had a visit from Reverend Angela, who delivered our Collective Worship. Reverend Angela spoke about Remembrance Day and Saints, saying that we all have our own personal Saints in our lives. The children proceeded to write about their own special Saint. On Thursday, we spent a day focusing on how to stay safe when using the internet. In maths we have moved onto our new topic of multiplication and division and have been looking at how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. In grammar this week we have been looking at homophones.

This week Pickmere have been learning all about internet safety. They have focused on the use of social media and have debated whether young children should be able to use social networking sites unsupervised or not. It was a unanimous vote in the end, and the full class agreed that it was not appropriate for young children to be using social media unsupervised. Also this week, Pickmere had an online workshop with Janet from United Utilities. Children were learning all about the Water Cycle and discussed how we could try and reduce our water usage. The children came up with some wonderful ideas.

The children in Linmere have settled back into school after half term and have been working hard with their work. In maths and literacy this week they have been doing multiplication and learning about different sentence types. They have enjoyed learning about remembrance this week and have painted poppies on their stones and learnt more about the meaning of a poppy.

In PE the children have started a new unit of activities. Our Key Stage One children continue to develop their fundamental movement skills with a focus on throwing technique this week. Whilst the children in Key Stage 2 have moved onto handball. This week they have been developing their dribbling and passing technique, and have shown their competitive edge through taking part in small-sided handball matches. This week we have sent out information about the flu vaccination programme. If you would like your child vaccinated, please can you return your completed form as soon as possible.

Have a lovely weekend,

Julie Clayton

Head of School

Dates for your Diary

2 nd November – Children return to school

5 th November – Poetry Workshops with Paul Cookson – cancelled

Week Beginning – 9 th November – Parent’s Evening calls

13th November – PTA Bags2School collection

18th November – Open Afternoon – cancelled

23rd and 24th November – Early Man workshops – All year groups – cancelled

1 st December – Whole School Flu Vaccination Programme

11th December – School Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day

16th December – Open Afternoon – by appointment only

18th December – Finish for the Christmas holiday

Newsletter 23 October 2020

Friday 23 October 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


The last day of our first half term began with a beautiful rainbow over school. A fitting end to a very busy and successful half term. It has been lovely to have all of our children back together and to be able to welcome all of our new pupils. We appreciate that there is still a huge amount of uncertainty with the COVID situation but our plan is very much business as usual. Never the less, we have detailed plans in place in the eventuality of any closure. There is more information available on our website at:

http://www.delamereacademy.co.uk/index.php/parent/remote-learning. Please can we remind parents to make sure they have accepted their child’s log in for their school email. This allows access to the Google classroom which contains homework and activities to further their learning.


I am delighted to say that, despite the restrictions , the children have had so many things to enjoy this half term, with even more activities planned for the second half of this term.


Here is a quick overview of what the children have been up to this week. Please see our Twitter feed and school blogs – we even have some drone footage this week.


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