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Newsletter 18 September 2020

Dear Parent or Carers                                                                       18 September 2020


Well this newsletter draws an end to another lovely week at Delamere C of E Academy. We have been so blessed with the weather this week and I have loved seeing so many classes outside learning and having fun! In amongst this, it has also been Assessment Week in school. I know from speaking to the teachers that they have been really impressed with all of their children; they have been working so hard. 


Hatchmere have been very busy this week with their phonics work.  They focused on 's','a','t' and 'p', discussing words that begin with these sounds and practised their letter formation.  The children enjoyed going on a hunt around the classroom and school gardens to find things that began with these sounds!  Hatchmere are really enjoying the school reading books and are all fantastic story tellers! 


Oakmere have worked very hard this week. In maths they have been representing numbers to 20 with pictures, drawings and objects. In science, the children really enjoyed going on a senses walk and we were really impressed with the fantastic words that they used to describe what they could feel, smell, taste, hear and see. The children also loved their first singing lesson with Ed and are looking forward to their next one.


This week Sandymere have been working hard to complete some assessments and we have been so impressed with how well they have applied themselves and tried their very best. In Literacy this week we've started looking at our focus text of The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. In our topic lesson the children all created beautiful information pages on the importance of fire during the Stone Age and how it helped people to survive during this time period. 


In Blakemere this week the children have absolutely loved learning about The Stone Age! They have been learning about how they would make tools and weapons out of flint; they even ventured outside to make some of their own. This was a big success! In science this week we have started to learn about plants. The children were in our outside garden exploring the different parts and functions of each part of the plants. 


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Newsletter 11 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers                                                       Friday 11 September 2020


Our first full week of being back in school has whizzed by. The children have settled incredibly well into the new routines. Our new starters in Hatchmere have had their first ever week in school. They have been amazing, although they are probably all a little tired after their exciting week. They have settled into their new routine very well.  This week Hatchmere focused on getting to know their new class friends.  The activities have been around the theme 'all about me.'   When asking the children what one of their favourite moments has been this week, they said meeting the school pet chickens!  The Hatchmere team are very proud of the children and are looking forward to another fun week together in school.


Oakmere have settled in brilliantly and it is fantastic to see all of their happy faces arriving each morning. This week, we have been really impressed with how hard the children have worked to apply their phonics knowledge during our writing lessons. They have also loved their first forest skills lesson where they went on a scavenger hunt and our topic lesson where they came up with lots of excellent questions that they would like to explore after looking at some artefacts, such as a stone age axe! 


Sandymere have had a brilliant week this week and really enjoyed being back as a bubble of 24 again. In our literacy work this week we’ve focused on using capital letters and full stops correctly. In Maths we have started our place value work and we’ve been really impressed with how hard the children have all been working. We really enjoyed our topic lesson this week as we got to go outside and build replica camp fires like people in the Stone Age would have used. 


Blakemere have had a lovely first full week back in school. All of the team in Blakemere have been so impressed with the children, they have been working so hard and it's been great to see so many happy faces. The children have absolutely loved our Literacy work on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, they have been able to come up with so many beautiful descriptions. They have started their topic work on the Stone Age and were able to create a beautiful timeline for this. Finally, this afternoon, the children have been coding in Computing, learning how to create their own games. 


Linmere have had a lovely first full week back in school. They have worked incredibly hard and have written some letters of application for the job roles within Linmere class. They were also very excited to meet Pickle this week and look forward to reading to her in the coming weeks. 


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Newsletter 4 September 2020

Friday 4 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


Welcome back, it is an absolute delight to have everyone back at last. I hope you all had a lovely summer break and thank you all for your support in adhering to the guidelines for the return to school. There are a lot of new routines for parents and we appreciate that staggered starts and drop offs create difficulties for parents. I assure you that as soon as we can, we will return to normal school hours. Until then please be patient and work with us to make this work. If everyone sticks to the timings allocated then the system works and we can continue to keep our classes separate.


For the past two mornings, I have visited each and every class. Can I say a massive well done to our brand new children in Hatchmere. They have all settled so well and I look forward to getting to know them all a little better this term. It was also lovely to meet our new Hatchmere parents, face to face, on Wednesday during our Teddy Bears’ picnic.


We have only been back two days, but there has already been so much going on in our classes. Today Mr Freeman started off our first PE lessons using our brand new orienteering course. Most classes have already launched into our new whole school topic “ How did History Begin?”. There have been lots of welcome back and wellbeing activities taking place, giving children the chance to talk and share any worries and concerns.


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Newsletter 17 July 2020

Friday 17 July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers


The last newsletter of the academic year, and what an unusual year it has been.  I do not think anyone could have predicted that the school would have been closed to most pupils in March and that we would be home schooling our children. I would like to thank you all for your continued support.

I know this has been a difficult time for us all and tackling home schooling whilst working, or home schooling whilst looking after younger siblings is no mean feat. I do hope that some good memories have been created and rest assured when your children return in September, we will meet them at whatever level they are and support them to make the most progress they possibly can.


So what has our last week in the academic year looked like? We had the pleasure of welcoming our Year 2 children into school this week. My goodness they all look like Year 3 children already.

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Newsletter 10 July 2020

Friday 10 July 2020


Dear Parents and Carers 

It has been lovely to welcome our Year 3 children into school this week. Like all of our children they have settled quickly back into the school routine and are happy to be back learning and spending time with their friends. 

This week we have also sent out your children’s reports. Please be aware that the assessment included is for our spring term assessments (mid year March 2020). To reassure parents – if your child has been assessed as Upper Emergent (UE) this means that they were on track to achieve expected (E or GD) or better by the end of the academic year.  If your child was assessed in March as being Expected or Greater Depth they were on track to achieve Greater Depth by the end of the academic year. 

If you would like to discuss any area of your child’s report please email to arrange a telephone call with your child’s class teacher. 

Within the school report was also an outline of the staffing for the next academic year. As you can see we have some staffing changes. Mrs Jones – currently our Year 1 teacher alongside Mrs Birks and teaching assistant to Year 6 has gained a position working in Reaseheath College starting in September. Mrs Jones has been an integral and valued part of the Delamere team for 6 years and will be greatly missed. We wish her good luck in her new role.  Mrs Carter- who was due to return this September from a working sabbatical abroad has gained a new position. We wish her good luck in her new venture. Mrs Garner - will be returning in September. Following medical advice, Mrs Garner will be returning but has to maintain social distancing, so in the short term she will be taking on an administrative role, with the hope that she can return to working in class as soon as possible. We also welcome Mrs Carroll, who will be working as a teaching assistant in Year 1; Mrs Venables who has had a change of roles and will be a teaching assistant in Year 3 and finally Miss Lucy Bate. Miss Bate is a newly qualified teacher and will be teaching Year 4 next year.  

Hatchmere have been busy again this week, we've been practising our phonics each day and in maths this week we've recapped addition and subtraction and looked at coins. The children were able to recognise different coins and we talked about amounts; the children were then challenged to pay for different items. We have also been very creative this week making jellyfish out of paper plates and tissue paper and also creating mini shelters in the forest area, we're hoping to get outside and create some outdoor artwork in the dry weather today as well.  

This week Oakmere have continued with learning about positions and directions.  Both bubbles recorded a presentation video based on positions and directions to show each other on their classroom screens. We loved it!  The children also went on a forest walk to gather natural objects to make a collage.  They look fantastic!  

Sandymere have been challenged in maths to solve questions involving the duration of time; identifying what the time will be after a full, quarter or half hour. They then applied their learning to solve problems. The children have also practised quick addition and subtraction skills within 100. In literacy, the focus was rhyming words and the children also wrote a story setting description, using expanded noun phrases to add detail to their writing. Mrs Garner has loved the spooky setting descriptions, from graveyards to wolf man caves; she has not had a full night’s sleep all week!  Mrs Garner set a lovely craft activity and demonstrated how to make bugs using pegs and art supplies, and the class were given a STEM challenge to make a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows. We are incredibly impressed with the work that is being sent in!  

It has been lovely to welcome Blakemere back this week! The highlight of their week has definitely been being able to socialise with their friends, and at play time it was lovely to see them making up their own socially distanced games - they have a great imagination! In their maths lessons this week, the children have been focusing on money and learning how to add and subtract different coins and give change. They worked very hard in their literacy work, where they created their own stories based on a picture of a tiny door in the garden. They created some fantastic sentences by editing and improving with a focus on adverbs, verbs and adjectives. Blakemere class have been inspired by the 'Big Outdoor Art Challenge' this week, and have been using natural materials found on our school grounds to create beautiful pieces of art work - please see our Twitter feed for pictures of this! Alongside this, they have been using watercolours and pencils to create some animal art work in class. They have also enjoyed their daily PE lessons with Mrs Lloyd, as well as den building in the forest. 

Nunsmere have sent in some amazing writing this week. The children have really enjoyed writing Batman stories; we could put together a comic with all of their wonderful ideas! You have done a great job Nunsmere for using your grammar tasks to help you add detail and vary your sentences to keep the reader interested. The focus in maths this week was statistics; focusing on presenting and interpreting data in block graphs. The work sent through has been well presented and the children seem confident to identify a variety of facts from data. The children were keen to complete an emoji code breaker puzzle; they applied their addition and subtraction skills to solve the problems. 

As Pickmere approach the end of the academic year they are beginning to recap and revisit some of their prior learning. In maths this week they have been trying to use Roman Numerals when writing important dates. Can you have a go at writing your birthday using Roman Numerals? In literacy children have been completing lots of reading comprehension and grammar tasks. A handful of Pickmere children also took part in an optional STEM challenge where they have been challenged to design and make a bridge that can hold a considerable amount of weight. We have been really impressed with some of the quirky, but sturdy, designs that have landed in the Pickmere email inbox!  

This week Linmere have loved doing art. They have continued to help to do the library displays and even created some masterpieces of their own linked to a specific art movement. At the start of the week we finished filming The Lion King and next week we will just need to record the songs. Linmere have also taken part in some origami activities this week which they found really fun but a little bit tricky!  

Well done to all the children who have been taking part in our Virtual Inter-House Sports Competition for the last four weeks. The children have been taking part in a variety of sporting tasks at home including: cricket, netball, football and tennis trying to win points for their houses. The overall winners were the Foxes! 

Before we finish for the summer, the staff will be adding lots of summer activities to their Google classrooms. Please feel free to access these and find a range of activities to keep your children busy and engaged.  

A gentle reminder, as Mrs Oliver is back in school full time my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has been removed . If you would like to contact me, please use our admin email address or ring school directly on 01829 707979. 

Thank you and take care 

Julie Clayton

Head of School 








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