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Newsletter 26 February 2021

26 February 2021

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a restful half term, at least it was a break from home schooling and screens!! Today, we have a blue cloudless sky – hopefully this is the first sign that spring is on its way. This week you will all have received the guidance for the re-opening of school on Monday 8th March. If you are yet to receive it or would like an additional copy, please let us know.

We are really looking forward to welcoming back all of our home learners. I am sure when we greet them next Monday morning, they will all have grown and be looking even more grown up in their full school uniform. We plan to keep things as normal as possible and to continue to teach a full and creative curriculum for everyone.

Parents Evening is planned for the Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th March, this will be an opportunity to share any concerns with your class teachers about your child’s academic progress or well-being. Academically, there will not be any formal assessments taking place this year

(e.g., Year 1 Phonics, Year 2 and Year 6 SATS) however, teachers and teaching assistants will be using short assessments to inform their teacher assessment and track your child’s progress and attainment.

Another busy week for our classes –

Hatchmere have had a brilliant week focused on Paddington Bear! Their phonics work included recapping Phase 2 and 3 sounds while writing sentences to describe Paddington, Postcards on their adventures with Paddington and even writing a Picnic Menu for Paddington. In maths they compared the heights of buildings Paddington saw on his travels and helped Paddington to share and half his picnic. The children also focused on healthy eating when planning a healthy meal for Paddington after his long journey from Peru to London! As well as this, they have enjoyed their online PE sessions with Mr Freeman, Street Dance with Samantha, singing with Mr Jones and our Art Workshop with Chris Gilbert.

What a fantastic start to the half term! Oakmere have returned to remote learning with lots of enthusiasm and have worked incredibly hard. At the start of the week, a strange treasure chest turned up at Miss Lewis's house. Oakmere worked together to solve the mystery of who it belonged to. In maths, we have started our shape topic. The children amazed the Oakmere team with their prior knowledge. In our afternoon sessions, the children have enjoyed dancing, learning how to draw trees and exploring the differences between rivers and canals.

This week Sandymere started a new literacy topic focusing on the book Grandad's Island. We started by making predictions about the characters in the books and using illustrations to help us form our ideas. The children were really engaged with these activities and were able to create some fantastic writing based on their senses and using the story. In maths we have continued to look at telling the time to 5 minute intervals, the children are all getting more and more confident with this.

Blakemere have had such a lovely week learning all about British birds and which ones appear in our gardens. The children have researched a chosen bird and looked at ways we can care for them in our environment. The class have also been working so hard to create a range of creative sentences using prepositions and have written their own wonderful shape poems. The Blakemere team have been so impressed with how the children have approached their Science Quiz and Tricky Maths word problems this week. They have finished this afternoon with a lovely Collective Worship with Reverend Angela.

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Newsletter 12 February 2021

Dear Parents,

Today is the last day of our half term - a full half term of remote learning. A big thank you for all of your support and hard work. Our pupil engagement has been superb, and we hope that the additional enrichment activities that have been put in place have really helped to keep everyone engaged.

We are very aware that we are all spending a lot of time on screens. Maybe half term would be an excellent opportunity to be off our screens and spending time doing other things. Below I have added some links for some simple ideas for activities to keep your little people busy during lock down.


Could you be a Story Detective? Tell us your story and be on the radio - Fun Kids - the UK's children's radio station (funkidslive.com)


Remember we also have our very own Art Gallery. Please keep posting your craft and artwork on here. Delamere Academy’s Art Gallery Have your children produced some wonderful artwork during remote learning? If so, why not share it with the full school in our very own Art Gallery. To add a piece of work please click on the link below. Once the gallery loads you will need to click on the pink + in the bottom right-hand corner. A small box will then appear, and you can upload a photo of your masterpiece. Why not give your work a title before hitting submit. Once it has been approved by a member of staff it will then appear on the Gallery for everyone to see. If you like a specific piece of artwork, then why not click on the heart underneath the photo to show a fellow pupil that you liked it. We can’t wait to see and ‘like’ your artwork!


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Newsletter 5 February 2021

Dear Parents,

Today is the last day of our school’s Wellbeing Week. Our week ends with a drama workshop for each class – working on building confidence, self-esteem and most importantly having some fun. Thank you to our school Wellbeing Team for sorting all the extra sessions that took place this week and thank you all for your donations to Place2be on our ‘Inside Out Day’, which took place on Wednesday. I cannot tell you how many times I had to stop myself telling the children in school that they had their hoodies on inside out? Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity that provides counselling and mental health support and training in UK schools. If you would like to find out more about the charity and access their support or would like to make a donation to them, please follow the link below:


Here is a taste of what our children have been up to this week-

Hatchmere have been taking part in lots of wellbeing activities this week, supporting Children's Mental Health Week. They have had various dance workshops, stretch and relaxation, mindfulness and even went on a 'rainbow walk' in their local area when learning about what makes Cheshire special. The children have worked incredibly hard doubling and halving this week in maths and have also been revisiting Phase 3 digraphs in phonics!

This week Oakmere have taken some time to focus on their physical and mental health. They have enjoyed participating in some art, dance and stretch and relaxation sessions and discussing ways they can spread a little bit of kindness. In Literacy, the children have written their very own fairy tales and some instructions on how to make some very disgusting troll soup! They have worked really hard to include lots of adjectives, conjunctions and fairy tale phrases. In maths, the children have really impressed us with how well they have grasped the concept of grouping.

This week Sandymere have been making their own Bog Baby's, it's been so lovely to see all of their fantastic creations. We tweeted some of the images and were complimented on how wonderful they were by the illustrator of the book Gwen Millward! That was really exciting and certainly put a smile on all of our faces! For Children's Mental Health Week, we have enjoyed taking part in a range of workshops to help us learn different ways to express ourselves. The Sandymere Team have been really impressed with how enthusiastic the children have been for each workshop.

Blakemere have had such a lovely week marking ‘Wellbeing Week 2021’ with a range of activities and it has been lovely to see the enthusiasm and smiles on the children’s faces. The children have enjoyed: stretch and relaxation with Juliet; Art with Chris Gilbert; Dance with Samantha Dene and today a LAMDA drama workshop too. To coincide with this, the class have also taken part in ‘Inside Out Day’ and have been writing wonderful diaries about things that make them happy. Outside of our wellbeing work, we have been delighted with their creative writing for their work on ‘Rhythm in the Rain’; their science soil work and how hard they have been working to tell the time

We have had another great week of remote learning in Nunsmere. As it has been Wellbeing Week, the children have enjoyed lots of mindful activities including a lovely stretch and relaxation session, a singing and drama workshop and a silly eyes-closed drawing game! On Wednesday we all wore an item of clothing inside out to raise awareness for the importance of mental health. In topic this week we have been researching landscapes that make Cheshire beautiful and the children have created some wonderful posters! The children are continuously working so hard with their fraction work in maths and also with their literacy lessons.

This week Pickmere have exercised their brains and their bodies to the max, showing superb commitment and enthusiasm to every task. In Literacy, the children have worked hard on their letter writing skills based on the book FArTHER; and in maths, they are showing great ability and concentration in tackling fractions and decimal places. In Science, they are investigating materials and how we can change them, getting hands on in the home to experiment for themselves. Pickmere have also been really active this week - all in aid of Wellbeing Week. Stretching and dance sessions have been a huge hit with many, and the class even found time to complete an additional PE workout that had been recorded especially for them by one of their peers otherwise known as 'Mini Mr Freeman'!

Linmere have enjoyed taking part in Children's Mental Health Week. They have taken part in a variety of activities including ‘Inside Out Day’, LAMDA and a stretch and relax session. In addition to this for Literacy they have been learning all about Chester Zoo which has helped them to write some setting descriptions ready for making information leaflets next week. In maths we have focused on equivalents fractions and decimals and we will work on percentages next week.

Delamere Academy’s Art Gallery

Have your children produced some wonderful art work during remote learning? If so, why not share it with the full school in our very own Art Gallery. To add a piece of work please click on the link below. Once the gallery loads you will need to click on the pink + in the bottom right-hand corner. A small box will then appear and you can upload a photo of your masterpiece. Why not give your work a title before hitting submit. Once it has been approved by a member of staff it will then appear on the Gallery for everyone to see. If you like a specific piece of art work then why not click on the heart underneath the photo to show a fellow pupil that you liked it. We can’t wait to see and ‘like’ your art work!


Next week is our last week before the half term week. As I am sure, you are aware of the recent announcement that we will hopefully be returning our home learners back to school from the 8th March. As soon as we get full guidance on what that will look like we will let you know. We would like to gather your thoughts on the wearing of school uniform, when we do eventually return to school, hopefully in March. Please complete this very short survey to help us make an informed choice.


Thank you, take care and enjoy your weekend.

Julie Clayton

Head of School


Newsletter 29 January 2021

Dear Parents,

Another busy week for everyone this week. We really appreciate that this is a tough time for everyone, coping with home-schooling at the same time as caring for siblings and working from home. Can I say you are all doing a marvellous job. It may not feel that way when you are answering work calls at the same time as helping divide fractions or having to play Play-Doh and work on understanding the difference between phonemes and graphemes in a phonics lesson, but we really could not do this without your help and support.

A special thank you to all of you who took the time to complete our Parental Survey on our Remote Learning Provision. We really appreciate your feedback and your lovely comments served as a real moral boost for the staff who are all working incredibly hard. We will work hard to act on your comments and suggestions to ensure that our practise continues to evolve. Next week, you will receive a letter from your child’s class teacher outlining some additional provision that we have in place on our Google Classrooms to address the differing needs of the children and for those families who require additional work. It will also include suggestions on how we can support you in increasing the number of social interactions between the children.

Here is snapshot of what the children have been up to this week:

We have had another successful week of home learning with our Hatchmere children! The children have been recapping Phase 3 Digraphs in phonics, focusing on doubling and halving in maths and have been learning all about Robert's Bakery in our topic work, focusing on what makes our local area special. As well as this the children have enjoyed live dance lessons, live art lessons and live singing lessons through zoom! Our children have enjoyed Harry's cooking videos and it's been great to see pictures and videos of them trying this at home.

Oakmere have worked incredibly hard this week. In Literacy, the children have been exploring the story 'Dexter and The Troll' and discussing what they like about it. This will help them to start planning their own story next week. In maths, they have been looking at multiplication and working out some tricky word problems. In our afternoon sessions, they have enjoyed looking at map symbols, exploring their feelings and busting out some very cool dance move

Sandymere started the week by reading the story 'Bog Baby' which the children really enjoyed. It's a lovely book with beautiful illustrations. The children have completed reading comprehensions based on the book and written sentences about the Bog Baby's habitat. We'll be continuing to look at the Bog Baby story next week and begin by designing our own Bog Baby's!

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Newsletter 22 January 2021

Dear Parents,

What a week of weather we have had? I hope your families and homes have not been badly affected by the torrential rain. I know there has been a lot of flooding right across the area. It was strange to have so much rain and then heavy snow. It was lovely to see so many photos of the children and families making the most of the snow. Definitely a highlight of a winter lockdown. Pickle and I had a lovely time playing out in the snow.

Well, it has been a very busy zoom week for us all . I hope that your children have enjoyed our enrichment activities. Our Storyteller Richard O’Neill has been a huge hit with all of the classes this week and we will try and arrange another session with Richard after half term (In school or via Zoom).

Our art sessions with Chris Gilbert were also a triumph and I cannot tell you how proud we were of how well all of the children conducted themselves during the lesson. In the Key Stage 2 session we had over 90 children attending and every single one of them was engaged, superbly well behaved and respectful during the whole lesson. Chris was so complementary. These sessions will take place each week up until half term.

I appreciate that PE is a tricky activity for our home learners, but to enhance our provision, in addition to Mr Freeman’s lessons and challenges, we have arranged some dance sessions - the first one took place on Wednesday. Mr Freeman has been really impressed to see lots of the children working hard on their 'Personal Best' PE Skills challenges and has loved seeing all the videos that have been sent in. Also, this week due to our fantastic engagement at home and in school with the Chance to Shine online cricket sessions we were named as the very first Chance to Shine 'School of the Week.' As part of this our children in school had their session live streamed on YouTube! Also, this week we premiered our Pass It On Challenge 2.0 video. This is always a lot of fun and gives a sense of school community even though we are not altogether. Thanks to all the children who got involved and parents for sending in the videos. You can view the video by clicking on this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yqLGZcIgbo Here is what our classes have been up to this week:

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