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This week in PE Hatchmere and Oakmere have moved onto Gymnastics with the focus being on jumping and landing from low level apparatus. The children have been working really hard on creating straight shapes with their bodies when in flight and have used a performance analysis app to assess their own and others performance. Another important aspect of this weeks gymnastics lessons was developing soft landings showing good control. 

Sandymere have continued to work hard in netball during PE in preparation for next weeks NWA Trust KS1 Netball Festival. This week they worked on their shooting and also started to learn about positions in netball. 

Blakemere, Nunsmere and Pickmere have all moved onto Handball with this weeks focus being on developing their skills in dribbling and understanding when is the best time to use this skill in a game situation.

Linmere have been working on learning about and playing in the different positions in netball and have begun to start umpiring their own games. 

On the competition front this week our Year 5/6 football team recorded a good win against St Martin's Academy as part of our involvement in the  Chester Primaryship League and our girls football team played exceptionally well during their first two fixtures in the girls football league. 

Have a good weekend. 

Mr F. 

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