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Blakemere have made the most of the lovely weather this week and have been taking part in a range of learning experiences outside of the classroom.


They started off the week by using hoops, a trundle wheel and some problem-solving skills to try and work out how many flowers they think there would be on the field; we calculated 83,250! In Italian, the class were outside labelling their different body parts which they were brilliant at remembering.


In science, the children loved experimenting with magnets, investigating with a whole range of different objects to see if they were magnetic.


In literacy the children have been using a range of conjunctions this week to add more detail and extend their sentences. This week we have also completed our Delamere stories, I have been so pleased with the way the children have been able to proof read their work and make improvements.


In maths the children enjoyed learning about capacity have begun to learn about the units of measurement. They have also been learning about real life banking with NatWest, understanding about different types of bank accounts. They absolutely loved this! 


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Huddart, Mrs Evans and Mrs Venables


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