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The end to a great half term!



Blakemere have had a lovely end to the term making the most of the sunshine yesterday, taking the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. Yesterday the children were learning about air resistance and they did this through a paper helicopter investigation which they absolutely loved. They learned how to make it a fair test and they also had to think how they could slow their helicopter down, so thinking about aerodynamics.


This week Blakemere have also completed their 500-word stories which they worked hard to type up, they will now be entered into the NWA trust competition.


In our musical topic work this week the children really enjoyed learning and ‘rocking out’ to Queen this week, they knew so many of the songs and produced a lovely information page on them.


In maths, we have been looking at angles. The children learned a really clever way of remembering the different types of angles through ‘The Angle Family’ which did make them laugh!


I hope you all have a lovely half term.


Mr Huddart and the Blakemere Team

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