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Blakemere have really been enjoying the sunshine this week, making the most of our lovely class garden to complete some learning outside the classroom.




In maths the children have been learning about different types of angles and looking at 90 degree turns. In the garden, they were working in pairs to give each other objects to find but only using the correct terminology. They have also had fun this week listening to parallel and perpendicular line song, they were loving doing different movements to represent different lines.


In CARE this week the children had a brilliant debate on ‘Should children be paid to go to school?’ there were some fantastic thoughts on this one! We were so impressed with how respectful and thoughtful the responses were.


And finally in Literacy, the children produced the most beautiful creative writing using a T-Rex from Jurassic Park as the stimulus. They were transfixed on the clip from the film, it built the perfect scene in order for them to write creatively. They also undertook some research on the band Queen, they're really enjoying their music and history. 


Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Huddart, Mrs Venables and Miss Stanley

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