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Hatchmere have been drawing pictures of special places that make them feel happy!

After listening to a Bible story, Hatchmere were set a task to draw a place that brings them joy and happiness.  This could be a favourite walk they go on, views of their garden or maybe a photograph in the home of a trip to somewhere they really enjoyed.  Here is a beautiful drawing of Delamere Forest, isn't it fantastic!  I really enjoy walking through Delamere Forest too! Here is another beautiful piece of art, the tree looks very colourful on this lovely sunny day! 

Hatchmere have been busy learning trigraphs this week /air/ear/ure/ and tricky word 'they'.  As well as practising these sounds on paper, Hatchmere used other resources to help with their letter formation.  Here you can see kinetic sand being used to write words, fantastic!

To celebrate a wonderful week, a surprise video appeared on google classroom showing the Hatchmere classroom lockers with blue certificates inside! The children have worked so hard this week and we are so impressed and proud of them.  Thank you to all the families for another wonderful week together.

Wishing you all a restful weekend,

Mrs Birks, Mrs Inskip, Mrs Lathaen and Mr Hunt 

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