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Hatchmere have been searching for signs of Spring this week!

The class enjoyed a circle time discussion about what Spring means to them, before a walk around the beautiful school grounds to see if they could see anything! The children showed fantastic teamwork as they studied the grounds together, with many being able to identify the names of the flowers!  One of the children heard birds calling, so the class carefully tiptoed alongside the hedgerows to continue enjoying the wonderful songs! They were so excited at the thought of nests being built that they brainstormed what materials around us would make excellent nests! 

We are enormously proud of the beautiful handwriting the children have been working so hard on during lockdown!  We have been busy using CVCC words in our sentences this week.  It's wonderful seeing the children become more and more independent as they segment these words by themselves to write them down on paper.  Fantastic effort Hatchmere! 

In Maths we have continued working on 'less' and 'more', to really understand what these words mean.  Lots of practical activities available in the indoor and outdoor classroom through the week enabled the children to investigate with their friends. The children continued using the words less and more during meal times too! 

Towards the end of the week Hatchmere had fun mixing primary colours.  This song was one of their highlights!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend, keep searching for those beautiful signs of spring!

Mrs Birks, Mrs Inskip, Mrs Young, Mrs Lathaen and Mr Hunt


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