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Hatchmere enjoyed brainstorming in groups how to build a house!

The class watched the story of Goldilocks, before being given a table of different materials and asked to brainstorm together ways they could build a house perfect for her! The children were thrilled to build a house together as a team and the staff were all very impressed with how well the children worked together with their creative builds.  It was lovely to watch the children praise each other as they suggested different ways of building the structure! Here are a few examples of the children hard at work!

Hatchmere explored the work of Kandinsky this week.  The children created beautiful circles using paint, crayons, pens, pencils and chalks, whilst listening to Classical music.  The finished pieces of work were brought to the carpet for the children to share with each other and will be displayed in the classroom for us all to admire!

We are all excited to take part in the Pyjamarama event with Book Trust on Friday 14th May.  It will be fantastic spending the day enjoying fantastic stories together! 

We hope you had a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Birks, Mrs Young, Mrs Lathaen and Mr Hunt

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