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Enjoying a good read in our pyjamas!

On Friday it was Pyjamarama Day with Book Trust.  The children arrived to school in their pyjamas with their favourite story under their arms. It was great fun knowing we were part of an event where thousands of other children around the country were enjoying stories too.  We enjoyed many stories, rhymes and crafts throughout the day.  A favourite of mine was listening to the children share their story from home with friends and explain why their story was special to them.  

As well as the Pyjamarama event, Hatchmere also had a drumming workshop and dance workshop to look forward to that day!  After PE, the children walked into the hall for their drumming workshop.  The children enjoyed every moment of playing the drums, listening to the beat and using music to create the character of a tall and heavy giant walking across the hall. Please see Twitter for a video clip!  In the afternoon, Hatchmere went onto the field for their dance workshop.  The dance teacher loved our class and was very impressed with their moves, they were amazing! The children's behaviour was fantastic as always!  What a fantastic day in Hatchmere! 

We have continued with our independent sentence writing this week, it's lovely to see the children grow in confidence more and more as they get ready for Oakmere! In maths we tackled lots of problem solving where the children were given a pile of dinosaurs and asked to write an addition sum using them.  We were really impressed! We have also been using maps this week and studying the Union Jack flag.

We hope you had a wonderful weekend, we are so excited to start swimming this week!  Thank you very much Mr Cartwright for this amazing opportunity! 

Mrs Birks, Mrs Lathaen, Mr Hunt and Mrs Young. 

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