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Hatchmere enjoyed a range of activities this week!

On Monday Reverend Angela delivered a wonderful collective worship.  It was lovely to see Reverend Angela again, we are excited to welcome her on our school trip this term!  After our visit, the class wrote thank you messages to God on Dove templates to display on the class prayer tree.  

Before half term, the children were showing an interest in playing shop games in class and writing labels and lists.  From these observations the children decided to base their learning around the story Dogger by Shirley Hughes.  In this story Dave loses his treasured toy Dogger, who is later found for sale in the school fair.  The children thoroughly enjoyed making a stall for the classroom and labelling all the items!  They carefully cut around paper coins and took turns being the shopkeeper and customer.  This story also created lovely writing in class as well as looking at the feelings of the characters in the story.

In Topic Hatchmere looked at a timeline of famous musicians using a large piece of card on the carpet.  It was lovely to see the children listen to the music and identify the instruments, many using their hands to play the violin and piano! 

We ended the week studying another type of art by Henri Matisse.  The children loved looking at the shapes in the artwork and enjoyed creating their own pieces of work using this technique.  

Mrs Birks, Mrs Lathaen and Mrs Young.

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