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Another exciting week in Hatchmere!

This week Hatchmere split into two teams for a tricky words hunt.  Each child was given two tricky words each to read before Jess hid them in the school garden!  The challenge was to remember their tricky words and go and find them!  The children really enjoyed searching for the cards, reading them and finding their own cards!  Once all the children found their cards, they stood back in their line and read them again.  The class found this game good fun and giggled their way through it!  An exciting moment was when one of the Hatchmere childrens tooth came out!  This game turned into a big celebration! 

Hatchmere have continued learning about money this week.  The class have been busy playing in their role play shop in the classroom by pricing up items and handling money.  It has been lovely to see the children work together to decide how much the toys, stationary and cakes should cost, as well as supporting each other to identify the coins and pay for these items.  Hatchmere have worked really hard using coins to make a certain amount of money e.g how many ways can you make 10p using coins? 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Mrs Birks, Mrs Lathaen, Mrs Young and Jess. 

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