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Beautiful art in Hatchmere!

This week Hatchmere have been strengthening their fine motor skills through sketching.  The children were given half a butterfly shape in their books and asked to look at the detail.  The children talked to their peers in detail about the shading, colours, shapes and patterns they could see in the butterfly wings and body, before drawing the other half of the butterfly.  The children all carefully mirrored the image in front of them to make a full butterfly picture.  We were all really impressed with the conversations taking place as the children sketched their art work.  To end the lesson the children laid their sketchbooks on the carpet to display their work.  They all looked stunning!  

Each child took turns to choose a sketchbook picture they liked and talk about it, they also talked about their own drawing too.  It was wonderful to hear so much praise for each other and made the children feel even more special! 

This week Hatchmere have been talking about their favourite moments over the year.  Even with lockdown we have shared so many wonderful memories together and look forward to making more memories next week on our school trip! The children have been busy writing sentences about their favourite Hatchmere moments and will be displayed on the front cover of their reports!

To end the week the children enjoyed a music lesson.  They listened to a piece of music and followed the beat using a musical instrument.  They took turns as a whole class and then in houses to follow the music, they were all fantastic! Hatchmere then used the MacBooks to make music using https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com 

This Wednesday will be Mrs Young's last day in Hatchmere.  We have loved our time with Mrs Young and wish her well with her teaching career. 

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Birks, Mrs Young and Mrs Lathaen 



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