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Hatchmere went on their first school trip! 

On Wednesday Hatchmere arrived very excited with their backpacks, ready for an exciting day!  We went on the school minibus to St Peter's Church where we were greeted by Reverend Angela standing under a wedding garland on the entrance of the church.  Reverend Angela walked us around the school grounds, highlighting interesting information and history of our church.  We then went inside for a tour of the church, some of the children had the opportunity to ring the church bell which was very exciting!

After our snack we got out our class sketch books and settled down to draw features of the church.  Many of the children particularly loved the stained glass window of a dove, as it shone in the sunshine.

We then headed across to Delamere Forest for some lunch in the shade and a walk to find the Gruffalo!  To complete our fun day, we made a collage using fallen leaves and twigs.  They all looked amazing!  The behaviour and kindness throughout the day was wonderful, we were very proud of the children.

Hatchmere also had an exciting DT day this week!  The children were given a selection of materials to construct a boat that would then be tested in the water to see if it could float.  The children brainstormed different designs and also highlighted their boats would need to be fairly light so they didn't sink, before beginning their designs.  The children also decorated their boats with colour and patterns.  Then came the moment of truth, did the boats float? Yes!  The children were delighted and cheered as they carefully stepped back after lowering their boats into the water.  A fantastic and very successful experiment Hatchmere, well done! 

We also said goodbye to Mrs Young this week who had been with us since November.  We wish her lots of luck and happiness as she pursues her career in teaching. 

We hope you had a wonderful weekend, 

Mrs Birks and Mrs Lathaen. 

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