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Well done Hatchmere Class!

Well done to all the children in Hatchmere for their brilliant assembly. I was very proud of how confident you all were and how you told everybody what you had been learning. A huge thank you to all those parents and carers who came along to watch, we hope you enjoyed it. It made it a really special occasion for the children to celebrate their achievements this term.

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What makes a record breaker!

Hatchmere Class are in their third week of training to become Olympic athletes. This week we have been learning to give instructions and be personal trainers, creating exercise and diet plans for our athletes. We created a healthy fruit kebab, making repeating patterns, and using vocabulary for adding and subtracting.

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Learning about the Olympic Games in 2012

This week the children have really enjoyed learning about the Olympic Games in 2012. They have learned that London is the capital city of England and have created postcards to describe landmarks and recreated photographs using water colours. Hatchmere Class have been learning to find the totals of two numbers using + and = in number sentences and using hop-scotch games to solve problems. They have also be on a discovery and created maps using pastels of Ancient Greece and found out that the Olympic Games came from Olympia.

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Easter Fun!

This week Hatchmere Class have continued our topic 'How to Train Your Dragon' by sketching dragon eggs, labelling a dragon and drawing a story map of our own dragon story.

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How to train your dragon – Hatchmere Class

This week Hatchmere have been learning how to train a dragon. We have been finding totals of different amounts using dragon eggs and creating our own problem solving dragon games. We have also been researching dragons and have created our very own guidebook on how to train your dragon, including where they come from and what they eat. We will be continuing with our training next week.....

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