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Hatchmere curriculum overview summer 2014

A very warm welcome back, we hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We're now entering our final term of our first school year, hasn't it flown!
The School topic this term is 'Why do we set goals?' Thank you for your contribution to your child's Learning Journeys and all the wonderful ideas you have gathered from your children when discussing our new topic over the holidays. We have two lovely trips to look forward to this term: Delamere Forest and the Ice cream Farm.

Children read in both guided reading and individual reading sessions throughout the week with a Teacher and Teaching Assistant, books will continue to be sent home on Tuesdays and Fridays.

P.E sessions will continue on Mondays and Thursdays.

Forest School on Mondays
Swimming lessons have finished for the year for Hatchmere and have been replaced with Forest Schools; Learning and exploring in an outdoor environment. Although we are hoping for dry weather, please could children bring a pair of wellies in a bag on Mondays, thank you.

Short homework tasks will be set in due course this term, to help with the transition into Oakmere

Here's to a happy and exciting final term!

Miss Jervis, Mrs Pittam and Mrs Lathaen.

Hatchmere Spring Term








 A very warm welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Thank you for all the beautiful cards and gifts, we hope you liked your Christmassy crafts and displayed them with pride in your homes!

The School topic this term is 'How do we solve problems?' Thank you for your contribution to your child's Learning Journeys and all the wonderful ideas you have gathered from your children when discussing our new topic over the holidays. We have a wonderful trip to the Theatre booked in March to see 'What the Ladybird Heard', plus visitors over the term to support this topic.

Children will read in both guided reading and individual reading sessions throughout the week with a Teacher and Teaching Assistant. Books will continue to be sent home on Tuesdays and Fridays.

P.E and Swimming
P.E sessions will continue on Mondays and Thursdays and Swimming lessons on alternate weeks for groups 1 and 2.

Swimming Group 1 
Monday 13th January 
Monday 27th January 
Monday 10th February 
Monday 3rd March 
Monday 17th March 

Swimming Group 2
Monday 20th January
Monday 3rd February
Monday 24th February
Monday 10th March
Monday 24th March

If you are unsure of your child's group since the holidays, please pop in and ask!

Miss Jervis, Mrs Pittam and Mrs Lathaen.

Hatchmere Autumn Term

Summer Term


We will be looking at a range of subject areas this term including problem solving, measure, time, calculating using addition and subtraction, extending children to recording their work. As well as revisiting areas including 3D shapes, creating patterns, counting accurately to 20 and reading and writing numbers to at least 20.

This term we will be covering several topics:

Narrative: We will be looking at a variety of stories on the theme of what makes us unique, such as Clever Sticks, Same but different and But Martin. The children will continue to use 'boxing clever' to help them retell and create their own stories. They will also create their own stories using story language.

Non Fiction: Persuasive writing: we will be learning about our family and home-life and comparing this to other cultures. We will be creating our own family trees, non-fiction books on life essentials such as water, food and shelter.

We will also be having a big push on our reading and aim to read in school at least three times a week, including individual reading and guided reading. We will also continue practising our cursive handwriting and continuing with our daily phonics to help our reading and writing.

This terms topic is 'What makes us unique?' The children will be exploring all things positive about themselves, as individuals, their families and their home-life. We will be learning about why humans are unique to animals and what we need to survive. We will also be learning about other countries, faiths and cultures to share with the children different experiences.

Spellings: High Frequency Words will be given out on a Friday and collected in the following Wednesday.

Homework – a piece of numeracy or topic related work will also be given for your child to completre at home.

Reading: The last term is a very important term in terms of children's progress. Please try and read every day, encourage your child to read their book twice, once for word recognition and once for comprehension and put comments as to what they have done well, or found difficult. Reading diaries will be checked several times a week and as a minimum we will aim to read with your child three times a week.


Curriculum Hatchmere Class

Firstly, a big, warm, welcome to Hatchmere Class. We have had a fantastic start to the school year, the children have really enjoyed their first week at Delamere C.E. Academy and the children will have a variety of exciting and enjoyable learning experiences throughout the year with Miss Boynton. Through the topic 'All About Me' the children will learn through child initiated play, focused activities within their play and directed teaching within the three Prime Areas and four Specific Areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Prime Areas:

Personal, Social, Emotional Development - Making relationships; Self-confidence and self-awareness; Managing feelings and behaviour.
Within the topic All About Me the children will learn how to value each other and treat each other with respect. They will also learn what the term Peace means and how to act peacefully in school, to link with the whole school topic 'What causes War and brings Peace'. They will learn how to discuss different feelings and emotions, learn empathy towards others and form positive relationships with adults and other children. They will be encouraged to play co-operatively, taking turns with others and to take account of one another's ideas about how to organise their activity. Hatchmere will learn more about their families, expressing how people help them and explain why they are special to them. The children will also learn about personal hygiene, healthy eating and dressing and undressing.

Communication and Language – Understanding; Speaking.
The children will be encouraged to use speaking and listening at every opportunity to support their learning, including rhymes and actions, as well as to express their ideas and share their experiences. They will also use drama to retell stories and use puppets and props to support their story telling. They will be encouraged to develop their confidence when speaking allowed in small groups and within class time. They will have lots of opportunities to listen to stories, accurately anticipating key events and respond to what they hear with relevant comments, questions or actions. They will also develop their attention to what others say and respond appropriately, while engaged in another activity. They will also learn how to answer 'how' and 'why' questions about their experiences and in response to stories or events. The children will also learn to develop their own narratives and explanations by connecting ideas or events.

Physical Development- Moving and Handling; Health and Self-Care
During PE and Swimming the children will practise dressing and undressing independently. They will also learn about the importance of warming up and cooling down and the impact this has on the body. The children will learn how to show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They will develop how to move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space in Dance and PE. The children will also experience how to handle equipment and tools effectively, including pencils for writing and develop their fine motor skills using small gardening tools and plasticine.

Specific Areas

Literacy – Reading; Writing
As part of their topic 'All About Me' the children will discuss their favourite things such as stories; they will practise retelling, sequencing and beginning to create their own imaginary stories. The children will listen to and read a wide range of stories and non-fiction books on our topic as well as listening to a variety of stories at the end of the school day. They will also take home reading books and will have the opportunity to read to an adult a minimum of twice a week, including guided reading. They will also have a daily phonics session and will learn 3 to 4 different sounds (letters) a week. They will practise how to use these sounds to make up simple words to help with their reading and writing.

In addition, the children will continue to practise being able to recognise and write their own name; give meaning to marks they draw and print in paint, sand, chalk, pencils etc. The children will learn how to hear and say the initial sounds in some words and know which letters represent some sounds. They will practise how to use recognisable letters of the sounds they have learned and link some sounds to letters. They will be encouraged to attempt writing for different purposes, including lists, labels and captions.

Numeracy – Number; Shape, Space and Measure.
During our topic the children will practise reciting numbers in order to 10 and recognise numbers to 10 and beyond. They will learn simple ways of counting, adding and subtracting using number rhymes. The children will learn to be confident at counting forwards and backwards to 10 and beyond and begin to write numbers to 10 with correct formation, using different tools such as paint, sand, chalk and pencils. They will name and describe simple 2D and some 3D shapes and use shapes to create pictures. The children will create repeating patterns and use bigger and smaller to describe shapes and other objects. They will sort objects using different criteria including colours and size and use language related to time such as days of the week.

Understanding of the World – People and Communities; The World; Technology.
During their topic 'All About Me' the children will learn to talk about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members, such as special occasions, holidays and how they have grown and changed. They will compare similarities and differences between themselves and others, learning about other traditions and communities when learning about people's families and the countries children have visited for holidays. The children will recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. They will select and use technology for particular purposes, such as recording their work using cameras, Ipads and voice recorders as well as learning with the Interactive White Board.

Expressive Arts and Design
Throughout all areas of the curriculum the children will sing songs and rhymes. Within child-initiated activities and directed teaching, the children will create music and dance, experimenting with ways of changing them. They will also use a wide range of materials, media, tools and techniques to experiment with colour, design, texture and form. The children are encouraged to express their creativity in as many different ways as possible throughout the curriculum; including music, dance and role-play. Some planned activities include; creating self-portraits, photo jigsaws, painting family trees and making their favourite object using construction.

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