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Hatchmere Class

Welcome to Hatchmere Class. We have had a very exciting and enjoyable start to school. There are currently 23 children in Reception, taught by Miss Boynton, who also receive additional support from Mrs Garner and Mr Ashworth. We are very fortunate to have such a brilliant outdoor area and really enjoy using this as much as possible to enrich our curriculum. This year we are going to have lots of wonderful experiences such as a visit to the zoo; visits from dentists, vets and fire-fighters; a Chinese New Year performance and workshop; and a Knights and Castles experience day; along with visits to the local area. We are also really looking forward to celebrating the 2012 Olympic Games.

Each child will have the opportunity to read at least twice a week in school, once to the class teacher and once to the teaching assistant. If the children can read at least three- to four-times a week, or daily if possible, then we are working together to improve and develop reading and comprehension skills. In addition, the sounds they have learned in Phonics will be sent home to practise letter formation, sounds and spelling words. A pack of High Frequency words to learn to read and spell is also sent home for the children to work through at their own pace.

Summer Term



Spring Term
Hatchmere Class will be focusing on fairytales in the first half-term and knights and castles during the second half-term. This is through our topic 'Where did it all begin?' which is part of celebrating our achievements in our 'Year of Success'. For this topic we will be looking at fairytales such as 'The Three Little Pigs', 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and 'Jack and the Beanstalk', learning the traditional and modern tales. Through this topic we aim to give the children an enriched curriculum such as visiting the forest to build shelters for the three little pigs, sorting and describing materials to design and create a house, make puppets for a puppet theatre to perform fairytales, grow our own beanstalks and discover a magical golden egg.

As part of learning about other cultures, Hatchmere class will also be celebrating Chinese New year with 'The Journey Man' performance and workshop; we will prepare a Chinese banquet ourselves, make a Chinese dragon and learn traditional dance and songs.

Through our topic Knights and Castles we will design and make a family coat of arms, complete an archaeological dig of medieval ruins, have a visit from a pottery artist to create dragon sculptures, and create castles using dry and wet sand. We are also fortunate to have an experience day in school on Knights and Castles and an educational visit to Camelot.

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