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Last Day of Nunsmere!

Where has this year disappeared to?!

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What a Wonderful Week!


What a brilliant last week of Year 4 the children have had! The children have had a jam packed week with lots of fun activities fitted in. 

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Home Learning

Nunsmere's week didn't quite go as planned when we found out that we needed to isolate and return to remote learning for a week. 

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Scientific Investigation



Nunsmere have been creating their own scientific investigations this week.

They were posed with the question, "Can people with bigger hands hold more?". The children were then given free-reign to decide how best to test this theory. Everyone worked so well in their groups and I was so impressed with everyone's teamwork! Once the children had ran their experiments, we discussed whether or not their method was a fair test. We unpicked the experiments and came up with a criteria of what we would need to do to ensure it was a fair test. The children then completed the test again putting this criteria into practise. 

In maths this week we have continued our learning on the properties of shapes and we have looked at triangles, quadrilaterals and finding lines of symmetry. The children had a great time using mirrors to see if they could spot all of the different ways a shape can be symmetrical. 

In RE we have continued our learning on Hinduism and we have looked at Hindu festivals this week, focussing on Holi. It was so exciting learning about the tradition of Holi Festival and the children loved seeing people play with the colour! 

Have a happy and restful weekend,

Miss Bate and Mrs Campbell

Nunsmere's Week


Nunsmere have had a great week!

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