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What a fantastic start to the summer term for Oakmere!


All of the children walked back into school with a big smile on their faces and they were all ready to get stuck in to their learning!


We have started a new book called 'The secret of black rock' in our Literacy lessons and the children have wowed us with their inference skills and their ability to use new vocabulary in their sentences. After looking at a range of objects, the children thought our book might have been about pirates and fishermen. They really enjoyed reading the beginning of the story later in the week and realised that many of their inferences were right! They worked incredibly hard and wrote some fantastic sentences such as 'I caught a glimpse of a translucent jellyfish' and 'the mysterious boat sailed away'. 




In maths, we have started our new measurement topic.This week, we have focused on using comparative language to describe height and length and we have been using non standard measures. In practical maths, we have been investigating whether your height influences the size of your hands. The children came up with some very interesting ways to solve this problem and worked very well together in their groups.


Our new topic this term is 'what's that I hear?'. The children had lots of fun using oil pastels to create their artwork for their topic book covers. In R.E, we looked at forgiveness. The children realised that although it is important to forgive, it isn't always an easy thing to do. During our CARE lesson, we explored the meaning of community and the children thought about the communities that they belong to and what they like about being apart of these. Many of the children were looking forward to joining new clubs outside of school.


Miss Cross has joined our Oakmere team this week. She is an associate teacher from Chester University and has previously been in Blakemere. The children were very excited to welcome her and look forward to joining in her lessons.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy this rare sunshine that we're having,


Miss Lewis, Mrs Carroll and Miss Cross.

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