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Oakmere have been puppeteers this week!

In Literacy, the children demonstrated some excellent teamwork as they worked together to retell our new book' The secret of black rock'. They had great expression and recalled all of the key events in the story. It was great fun! They have also been using adjectives to describe the main character, Erin. We have been blown away with their sentences. It is wonderful to see how much more confident they are with applying their grammar knowledge now.

In maths, the children have been learning how to measure accurately with a ruler and how to use a balance scale to measure weight. They investigated the statement 'bigger objects are always heavier' and decided that it was false. They are becoming very confident with using comparative language when measuring objects. In practical maths, the children used their problem solving skills to solve some tangrams puzzles. Although they were tricky, the children showed great perseverance. 

In science, the children really impressed Miss Cross with their prior knowledge of flowers as they were able to name a variety of different plants. During the lesson they looked at the life cycle of a plant and produced some beautiful work.

However, the highlight of the week was definitely having some time to investigate different instruments in our Topic lesson. The children loved exploring how they could play them quietly and loudly. By the end of the lesson, they were able to name 20 different instruments! 

We hope you all have a lovely bank-holiday weekend,

Miss Lewis, Mrs Carroll and Miss Cross

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