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Oakmere have been learning about the importance of sharing in our CARE lesson.

Although sharing can sometimes be difficult, the children watched a short clip and had a fantastic discussion which highlighted how not sharing and sharing can make themselves and others feel. They decided that when they share, although it can be hard if they really want to go first or they love that toy, it makes them and the person they're sharing with both very happy! Whereas when they keep something all to themselves or don't let others join in, it makes them feel a little lonely and sad. To help the children practise sharing, the children partnered up and played a range of different activities.

Despite telling the time being very tricky, the children have all impressed us with how hard they have worked on this. All children are now confident telling the time to the hour and they are all building up their understanding of telling the time to the half hour. 

In Literacy, the children have been planning and write their own postcards! We were surprised that not many children recognised what these were (it made the teaching team feel very old!). It was lovely to see lots of them become excited as they had holidays coming up so they were eager to write one of their own in the half term!

During our science lesson, the children have ended our plants topic by thinking about why leaves fall off trees (they had some fantastic ideas about this!). The children then worked together in pairs to classify trees into evergreen and deciduous trees.

In topic, the children have continued to explore famous composers. The children closed their eyes and listened to 'The flight of the bumblebee' and 'The plants, Mars' and described what it made them imagine. The children then thought about the instruments that they could hear and considered the tempo of both pieces.

Oakmere have thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons again this week and it has been wonderful to see their confidence in the water increasing. 

We hope you all have a wonderful half term (fingers crossed the sun decides to come out!).

Miss Lewis, Mrs Carroll and Miss Cross.

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