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At Delamere Academy, inspiring children to learn is at the heart of everything we do; this is why from Reception up to Year 6, children are given many hands-on and practical learning opportunities in maths. Maths is all about solving problems and through each problem-solving experience we try to incorporate 'real life' situations into their work. The school has a rich bank of resources to aid children's learning, including use of iMacs and iPads. We also offer an online teaching and homework tool which helps children and families with learning at home.


First4Maths have uploaded the recordings of their parent webinars for you to access and share for free. They said that parents felt reassured after the sessions and felt that they could help their children with retaining and consolidating their basic skills. The links for the sessions are as follows; Reception Home Learning Webinar https://first4maths.thinkific.com/courses/home-learning-in-reception-recording Year 1 Home Learning Webinar https://first4maths.thinkific.com/courses/home-learning-in-year1-recording-of-parent-webinar Year 2 Home Learning Webinar https://first4maths.thinkific.com/courses/home-learning-in-year-2-recording-of-parent-webinar Year 3 Home Learning Webinar https://first4maths.thinkific.com/courses/home-learning-in-year-3-recording-of-parent-webinar Year 4 Home Learning Webinar https://first4maths.thinkific.com/courses/home-learning-in-year-4-recording-of-parent-webinar Year 5 Home Learning Webinar https://first4maths.thinkific.com/courses/home-learning-in-year-5-recording-of-parent-webinar Year 6 Home Learning Webinar https://first4maths.thinkific.com/courses/home-learning-in-year-6-recording-of-parent-webinar

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