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We have had a great time learning outside the classroom in Maths this week.

On Monday, the students took part in a maths scavenger hunt. Working in pairs they had to find the problem and use their skills to solve the answer. On Wednesday, we looked at measurement. During the lesson, students were all given different measurement in millimeters, centimeters and meters. They all had great fun trying to sort themselves into the correct order from smallest to largest.

In literacy, after a week of waiting, they finally got to watch ‘The Yellow Submarine’ video. Students thoroughly enjoyed the video, and we have all been going around the school singing The Yellow Submarine. Later on, in the week the students completed some hot seating in class and pretended that they were one of The Beetles on the submarine. They had to think about their feelings and thoughts while living in the yellow submarine.

Rather excitedly, Pickmere received the Discover Arts Award from Trinity College in London for their hard work and efforts in developing and producing some wonderful art this year! Well done Pickmere this is a huge achievement. If children have the opportunity to complete the next two levels in secondary school then this will go towards their UCAS points for university!


In topic, students got to make their own chronological timelines in relation to the history of music. Students worked independently, doing their research on each era of music via using the MacBooks. We also had the opportunity to listen to music from the Renaissance & Baroque periods. They discussed how it made them feel and thought about what they could hear. We got some great answers from them, but I can tell you that Baroque was not their favourite type of music! 


In RE we focused on Salah, the second pillar in the Islamic religion. Students learnt about Wudu, the preparation before prayers.. It is great to see students interested in different religions in the world. Once they have learnt a little more about Islam, we shall be able to start comparing Islam to Christianity.


As you see, once again Pickmere has been very busy during the week and they have been working incredibly hard. We hope you all have a wonderful three-day weekend and we look forward to welcoming our new Pickmere friend on Tuesday!


Miss Wild, Miss Wood, Mr Ashworth and Miss Seery

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