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The children (and staff) absolutely LOVED their day out on the farm!

We were blessed with wonderful weather for our trip this week. Children had huge amounts of fun pond dipping, herding cattle, and feeding the animals on site. We genuinely had the best day out and the children were absolutely fantastic. Their behaviour was superb, and their manners were perfect. We all smiled from start to finish and couldn’t have wished for a better day. Lots of photos of our day have been posted to the school twitter feed :-)

On Monday students got the chance to code their own ping pong game. They were able to choose their background, ball, and paddle for the game. Some students came up with great ideas for mixing and matching this part.

They also finished their non-chronological reports in topic. Students chose to write about either the Sydney Opera House or The Royal Albert Hall in London. The students demonstrated their prior knowledge from the week before and came up with magnificent pieces of writing.  We are very proud of their work.

In science, we looked at the life cycle of a frog. We have some experts in the class that were helping the teaching team out with some great facts about frogs! We also looked at the life cycle of mammal ahead of our Thursday trip to the farm.

In literacy, we looked at how to build excitement and suspense in a piece of writing. Students were given an image of an old house and they had to come up with a paragraph building suspense and excitement with their storyline and character. Great paragraphs were written, and they had us trembling on the edge of our seats!

In maths, we looked at word problems within measurement. This is the final week of this topic and students were really engaged with it throughout and worked very hard over the last few weeks.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term break. The sun will hopefully be shining (thinking positive!) and restrictions are gradually lifting. It has been an incredibly tiring term for the children, and we hope they manage to find some time to rest.

See you in June,


Team Pickmere

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