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What is that sound I hear?

Welcome back to all of the Sandymere families! We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and you’re looking forward to the summer term, we have lots of exciting things planned.




We are so excited to confirm that our residential can go ahead in June now that the restrictions are beginning to lift. The company running our residential is Get Outside the Classroom who we have a long lasting relationship with at Delamere, they have ran many of our residentials, staff training and activities in school. The residential will take place on Thursday 18th June and Friday 19th June (this date could potentially change) at the Get Outside the Classroom campsite in Tattenhall. We will confirm all the details in a letter soon.



This term our topic focus is learning about the history of music and how it has changed and developed over time.

We will be learning about different periods of music, how it’s used in different cultures and in films. We’ll be researching instruments and how they have changed over the years. After half term children will be composing their own pieces of music using instruments.


Using the book ‘Jack at the Baked Beanstalk’ the children will be working towards writing a twisted narrative based on the book. We will then be using the text to write persuasive letters to characters in the book En2 / 3.3. In grammar we will be recapping the objectives we covered in the Spring term to ensure children are secure in these and will then be developing using a range of grammatical features in our own writing En2 / 3.4. In the summer term, there will also be a big focus on handwriting and ensuring the children are confident writing cursively before they transition into key stage 2 En2 / 3.2. We will also be continuing weekly comprehension lesson and developing children’s inference skills En2 / 2.2 e f g h.


This term we will be looking at the properties of the 2D and 3D shapes, we will be comparing shapes and categorising everyday objects based on their shapes Ma2/3.2 a b c d. We will also be learning about how to use mathematical language to describe position and direction Ma2/3.3 a b. After half term we will be learning about tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams and interpreting these Ma2/4.1 a b c.


This term the children will be working scientifically Sc2/1.1-1.6 to learn all about plants Sc2/2.2 a b.

RE and Care

This term, in RE lessons children will be introduced to humanism and ways to help people around the world. In CARE this term children will be learning about mindfulness and managing emotions in productive ways.


French with Madame Birks will continue this term on a Wednesday morning.


PE lessons with Mr Freeman will continue on a Monday and Tuesday each week, please bring in PE kits all week in case of timetable changes.


Homework will be provided in a 6-part jigsaw. Please complete one activity each week by Friday. A spelling test will also take place on a Friday. All homework resources and spellings can be found on Google Classroom, please submit homework using the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Sandymere team.


What makes Cheshire special?

What makes Cheshire special? Spring Term


A big welcome back to all of our Sandymere families, we hope you have had a lovely Christmas break.



We will be recapping addition and subtraction work Ma2 /2.2 a b c from last term and then will be introducing a new topic focusing on multiplication and division Ma2 / 2.3 a b c d. We will then be aiming to move onto fractions Ma2 /2.4 a b and measurement Ma2 /3.1 a b c d e f g h. Each week the children will complete an arithmetic paper and a practical maths lesson.



We will be looking at the book Bog Baby in our literacy work this term and using this to form the basis of writing a non-chronological report En2 / 3.3. Weekly cracking comprehension lessons will continue to take place to develop children’s knowledge and skills for answering comprehension questions both verbally and written En2 /2.2 c d. The children will also be encouraged to develop their cursive handwriting further in all lesson En2 /3.2. Weekly grammar lessons will continue to develop children’s understanding of a range of grammatical features and to use these in their own writing En2/ 3.4.



In science this term we will be finishing our living things and their habitats topic Sc2 / 2.1 a b c d and then moving onto uses of everyday materials Sc2 / 3.1 a b c where children will explore the use of a range of different materials.



This term our topic question is ‘what makes Cheshire special?’ so we’ll be looking at the reason why Cheshire is important to the United Kingdom from the things produced in our county to the famous people who live here. The focus for the topic will be geography and history.



This term homework will continue to be shared on Google Classroom, a 6 part grid and resources has been uploaded onto the classwork session as well as spellings overview and weekly handwriting sheets. Homework must be handed in via email or completed on purplemash/mymaths by a Friday each week. Spelling tests will continue to be on a Friday as well.



This term PE will be on a Monday and Wednesday with Mr Freeman.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Sandymere team.

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Dodd

How did history begin?

Hello and a big welcome back to all of our Sandymere families. We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer and you’re feeling ready to come back to school.


The last few months the children have faced a lot of changes, and although school may not be fully back to normal yet, the Sandymere team will ensure the transition to year 2 is as smooth and exciting as possible. This year promises to be an amazing one!



This term the whole school topic tittle is “how did history begin?” and we will be learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will focus on how people survived during these times and the importance of finding food and a safe place to live. We have a visitor coming to school to run a range of workshops for children and we’ll be taking a trip up to Eddisbury Hill, which is a historical hill fort right on our door step!



In literacy during the first half term we will be reading the book The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers and writing a diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters in the story. En2 2.2 a b c En2 3.3 a b c.

During the second half term we will be reading the story The Disgusting Sandwich and looking at ways to write an engaging recipe and set of instructions for others to read and follow. En2 2.2 a b c En2 3.3 a b c.



In maths this term we will be recapping some year 1 objectives and looking at the objectives in year 2 for place value and addition and subtraction. The children will take part in a practical maths lesson each week to encourage them to problem solve in a range of ways and work as part of a team. Ma2 / 2.1 a, b, c, d, e, f. Ma2 / 2.2 a, c, e.


Reading & Comprehension

The children will be read with twice a week with a member of the Sandymere staff and will take part in a weekly comprehension lesson as part of our literacy lessons for the week. This is in preparation for the Reading Comprehension papers sat during the SATs papers at the end of the year. En2 3.3



We will be continuing with phonics lessons in year 2 and focusing on missed content due to school closure. As part of the Government’s recovery curriculum, year 2 children are expected to sit a phonics screening test in second half term of the Autumn term and any children who do not pass will be retested in June. This will take part in an informal way with a member of the Sandymere team. To help children prepare for this we encourage parents to read with their children as many times as possible, we recommend 4 times a week, and complete the phonics based homework set for each half term.



This term we are learning Animals including Humans Sc2 / 2.3 a b c and Living things an their habitats Sc2 / 2.1 a b c d. We’ll be learning about animal life cycles, their offspring and what animals need to survive. We’ll then be studying types of habitats and how animals adapt to suit their habitats.



In RE lessons we’ll be about different Bible stories and what they teach us about God and how Christian values are expressed in daily lives. As Christmas approaches we’ll be learning about the Nativity story. During our CARE lessons we’ll be thinking ahead to the rest of the school year and setting ourselves targets as well as thinking about what it means to be a good friend.


PE & Swimming

PE will continue with Mr Freeman on a Monday and a Wednesday. We’ll be sending out information in regards to swimming in the near future.



This term homework is organized in a Jigsaw on the Sandymere Homework page of the school website, please complete 1 piece of homework each week. The hand in day for homework is a Friday and spelling tests will also take place on a Friday. Please see the Sandymere Homework page for an over view of each weeks spellings.


This year the children will sit their year 2 SATS, we will hold a parents information session nearer the time which will outline more about the SATS requirements. They will be held over the month of May in a calm environment. The children and yourselves do not need to worry about these assessments, please support your child to complete homework, spellings each week and read as many times as possible as preparation for them.


We hope this information is useful to you and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Sandymere staff.


We looking forward to spending the year with you all!

Miss Hume, Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Dodd

How are things different? Spring term

Hello and welcome back!

We hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and feel excited for the Spring term in Sandymere!

This term we will be holding a residential meeting after school to explain in more detail what our one night residential in June will be like. Once we know the date for this we will let you know. 


This term the children will be preparing for the SATs papers in May. We will be completing past papers so children understand how to answer questions and recognise the format of papers. We will also be holding a parents SATs meeting after school nearer the time, once we have this date confirmed we will let you know.


We will be recapping addition and subtracting work Ma2 / 2.2 a, c, e and introducing multiplication and division Ma2 / 2.3a, b, c, d and measurement in practical maths lessons Ma2/3.1.  

Each week children will complete a mental math’s test in preparation for the Arithmetic SATS paper in May, in addition to this they will also begin to complete Reasoning SATS papers each week to help prepare them for the format of questions in the SATS papers in May. These will be done informally.


We will begin the term by learning how to write an engaging setting description, focusing on the rainforest. We will then be exploring non-chronological reports and writing our own reports on Lemurs, linking to our topic work. En2 / 3.3


In science we will be learning about living things and their habitats. Children will be able to recognise different types of habitats and how these provide the basic needs for the human or animals Sc2 / 2.1.


In topic lessons this term our focus country will be Madagascar, we will be learning all about life on Madagascar for humans and animals and comparing how this is different to our lives. This topic focus is a geography, art and music focus. We will be using maps of the world, continents and the two countries to extend our learning and will understand how human and physical geography shapes lives on islands. Art1/ 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4, Geography/ 1.1a 1.b 1.2a 1.3a 1.3b 1.4a 1.4b 1.4c 1.4d 

These are some reminders for the Spring term:

·          - PE is on a Wednesday and a Friday but please bring PE kits into school each day in case of timetable changes.

·           - Swimming is on a Thursday

·            - Spelling tests are on a Friday (half term spellings list is on the Sandymere homework page)

·             - Homework hand in day is a Friday (half term homework grid is on the Sandymere homework page)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Miss Hume and Mrs Garner    

Who inspires us?




Hello and welcome back to all our Sandymere children and families!


We hope you’ve had a lovely summer and feel ready and excited about coming back to school.


As the children are now in the main building of school we ask parents to please support us in encouraging your child to be independent coming into school each morning and put own bags and coats in their lockers.



This term in literacy we will be studying two books, The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers and Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.


We will be reading the books step by step and creating a diary entry for the characters in the stories. En2 / 3.3 We’ll be learning about the features of a dairy entry and the use of the correct vocabulary, grammar and punctuation En2 / 3.4.



In maths we will be covering a range of topics including: Number and Place Value Ma2 / 2.1 a, b, c, d, e, f, Addition and Subtraction Ma2 / 2.2 a, c, e, Measurement Ma2 / 3.1a, b, Statistics Ma2 / 4.1a, b, c and Multiplication and Division Ma2 / 2.3a, b, c, d.



Our first topic is Animals including Humans Sc2 / 2, we will be learning about the needs of animals and humans and how animals and humans grow.


Our second topic, after half term, is Use of everyday Materials Sc2 / 3.1, we will be learning about different materials and there uses. We will be learning about how and why materials are used in different situations.



Hi1/1.1, Hi1/1.3, DT1/1.1a, b, DT1/1.2a, b, DT1/1.3a, b 

We’ll be learning about the Apollo 11 mission and the journey to the first man on the moon. The children will take inspiration from the first astronauts and learn about the Apollo 11 rocket, the space suits worn by astronauts and how astronauts live in space. After half term we will be designing and making our own rockets using junk modelling techniques.  


Mr Freeman will teach PE on a Wednesday and a Friday. Please ensure the PE kits are in school all week in case of a timetable change.


Homework will continue to be in grid form, please complete one task from the jigsaw ready to be presented or handed in on a Wednesday.

Our spelling tests will take place every Tuesday.


Reading books & diaries in school each day. PE kits in school each day. Swimming kits needed on a Thursday.

Parental Help                                                                                                      

Parental help is always valued within school in a range of ways, if you would like to volunteer within school please find information regarding this on the volunteer page of the website.

If you have any questions about our first term in Sandymere please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Sandymere team.

Miss Hume & Mrs Garner


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