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Newsletter 7 May 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Well, it has been a shorter week with the May Bank Holiday; I hope you all had a lovely extended weekend. We tried to make the most of it by heading into town on Monday morning, 30 minutes later we were being blasted by side rain and hailstones so that wasn’t the most successful family outing, never mind. But in school, even with it being a shorter week it has been so lovely looking over Twitter to see so many fun learning activities going on. The team here at Delamere Academy have been so impressed with how the children have re-integrated back into school and we couldn’t be prouder.


On Friday 14th May we are taking part in our first Pyjamarama charity day. Pyjamarama is all about getting children excited about reading, and fundraising to make sure every child gets their bedtime story. This is a National event that is run by the Book Trust. They are asking that children around the country in schools spend a day reading, enjoying literacy based activities and sharing stories, all in the comfort of their pyjamas. As part of this day, please could the children: dress in their pyjamas or loungewear, bring in their favourite book and a donation of £1. This will go to helping all children have access to stories and to reading. Here is a snap shot of what the classes have been doing this week

This week Hatchmere have been learning about the Good Samaritan. This Bible story created lots of discussions amongst the children about helping others. The class took part in lots of activities including retelling the story through acting. The children loved having an art afternoon this week, they looked at Kandinsky's work and enjoyed creating circles painting! With this artwork, the children looked at mixing colours and shades. We had lots of fun! We have also started a new chapter story this week. This story with no pictures will help build the children's imagination skills as they imagine in their heads what the characters and scenes look like as the story is being told! After enjoying their Bank-holiday weekend,

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Newsletter 30 April 2021

Dear Parents,                                                                                               30 April 2021

Can you believe it is May tomorrow ? Where has the year gone ? I think for the first time ever the May Bank

Holiday has taken us by surprise. So next week is a slightly shorter week.

This week the classes have been launching into our whole school topic of “ What Is The Sound I Hear ?”. Some

classes are looking at the history of music and how it has changed over the years. Whilst some are looking at

famous musical groups or bands. Please take the time to look on our Twitter account . The staff work really hard

to take lots of photos and it is an excellent way of having a sneaky peak as to what your children have been up

to each day in school. @DelamereAcademy. Did you know that each class has a blog? Each week the class

teachers write a brief overview of what they have covered in class – these have photographs too. The blogs are

posted weekly on our website www.delamereacademy.co.uk . Our website has a wealth of information about the

school, but it is also a great place to look if you are worried about your child’s wellbeing.

Art News

As part of the annual Dot Art competition we are pleased to announce that three of our Pickmere pupils have

been shortlisted for the public vote. Please follow this link to register your vote and help one of our Delamere

pupils come in first position!


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Newsletter 23 April 2021

Friday 23 April 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break- although there was a chilly wind the days were mostly sunny which is a real gift for the UK! It is an absolute delight to have everyone back at last. What a week – we have had sun shine every day and it is so lovely to see the children in their summer dresses and school shorts. I popped into all the classes earlier this week and my goodness everyone had news to share about their Easter Holidays. Let’s hope we can all get together again in the hall for Collective Worship. It is incredible and a little sad to think that our Hatchmere children have never been together with the rest of the school. The good news is that educational visits can now restart and we are also planning for our class residentials. Your child’s class teacher will be in touch with further information in due course. It’s been so lovely being back together again with our friends this week!

Hatchmere have been very busy investigating measuring water in different containers. Lots of amazing conversations took place this week as the children worked together to see why a taller container didn’t always hold more water than a shorter one. We also started our new topic this week based on the History of Music. The children loved setting up their new recording studio role play area and have made a start on making 3D instruments for the topic display board!

Oakmere have come back to school ready to get stuck into their learning. We have started a new book in our Literacy lessons and the children have wowed us with their inference skills and their ability to use new vocabulary in their sentences. In Maths, we have been practising our measuring skills by investigating whether your height influences the size of your hands. The children have also had lots of fun doing their artwork for their topic book covers, using oil pastels and exploring mixing colours.

It's been a lovely first week back in Sandymere! The children really enjoyed starting the new topic, it's great to see how enthusiastic they are about learning more about music. In Maths this week we've been looking at 2D shapes and using mathematical terminology to describe them. We had lots of fun using mirrors to explore lines of symmetry in our practical maths lesson. In Literacy we have started reading our new text 'Jack and the Baked Beanstalk' and already we can see how much it's sparked the children's interest

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Newsletter 1 April 2021

Thursday 1 April 2021

Dear Parents,

It has been such an amazing week. Short and busy, but so lovely to finally have a bit of normality. Taking the time to pop into the classes is always the highlight of any day. Admittedly, I often cause chaos and disrupt the children’s learning – particularly in Hatchmere when I have to listen to everyone’s news! Being in school is undoubtedly the best place for our children. They all seem to be settled and happy, which is extraordinary considering how much toing and froing has taken place over the last few months. The weather this week has been beautiful and I know we have all enjoyed spending even more time learning outside. Here is what our classes have been up to this week.

Hatchmere have had a brilliant week back in school. On Wednesday, we had a wonderful Easter service with Reverend Angela, the children sang beautifully! The class have enjoyed making Easter crafts and taking part in the traditional Delamere Academy egg rolling competition! The team wish Hatchmere a Happy Easter and restful break!

Although it is the last week before half term, Oakmere have still been working hard. In Literacy, the children have been writing letters from their Detective Animals to help people find their missing (or even stolen!) items. In Maths, the children have been consolidating their knowledge of fractions by solving some real-life problems. During our Science lesson, the children went on a nature walk around the school grounds to look for signs of Spring. With Easter fast approaching, the children have been exploring the true meaning of Easter, making cards and creating an Easter wreath. They are incredibly excited to do their very first egg rolling competition this morning!

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Newsletter 26 March 2021

26 March 2021

Dear Parents,

I would like to begin by passing on my thanks to you all for making another week of online learning possible. We fully appreciate, it is a team effort, and after many weeks of zoom teaching it must be getting increasingly more difficult to encourage your children to engage. However, we did it and our attendance for our online learning was superb.

We are all really looking forward to being back in school. Home-working and home-schooling has definitely lost its novelty factor. School is looking sparkling clean, and it is all ready to be fogged this weekend. Ready for Monday.

Remember, if you want to keep your children busy this weekend you could always get them to enter our annual “Decorate an Egg“ competition. The theme this year is - "Everyday Heroes". We have already had several entries – each year I am amazed by how creative you all are.

This year can all entries be photographed and sent in via your child's class email. The closing date is Tuesday 30th March. The prize giving will be held via Zoom across the school on the last day of term.

Our “Roll an Egg” competition will also take place. This will run one class at a time to ensure there is no cross bubbling. Thank you to Debra Gerrard for her kind donation of 180 eggs. Kelly will be boiling these in preparation for decorating in class on Wednesday.

So how has our online learning been going?

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