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We are delighted to inform you that our school is currently working with Carers Trust 4all to raise awareness and support Young Carers within Cheshire West and Chester. Carers Trust 4all are the commissioned service in Cheshire West and Chester to support Young Carers.



Who are Young Carers?

 A young carer is a young person aged between 6-18 who care for a family member such as mum, dad, brother, sister or grandparents who suffer with a physical disability, poor ill health, learning disability, mental health, or substance and alcohol misuse.


What do Young Carers do?

 Young Carers take on a number of tasks for the person they care for.

  • Practical tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, general upkeep of the housework.

  • Personal care, such as helping with toileting, washing, showering/bathing, and getting dressed.

  • Emotional support, such as listening and being someone to offload to.

  • Administering or helping someone to remember to take their medication.

  • Financial support, such as paying bills, helping manage money ect.

  • Sibling Care

  • Communication support such as sign language, interpreting letters.


Impacts of being young carer

  • Lower grades than their peers if young carers miss time in school

  • Poor confidence and self esteem

  • Emotional impacts, worry and stress

  • Stigma of being a young carer may result in bullying

  • Missed opportunities, not being able to do things other children are doing

  • Isolation


What we are doing to support young carers

  • We have had a special assembly to help identify any young carers and to reduce the stigma

  • Regular drop In sessions where young carers can come and chat about their caring role

  • Staff members have received young carer awareness training which helps better support young carers in our school

  • We are currently working on gaining a Young Carers in School Award which pledges us to support young carers.


Who to talk to?













Miss Hulme, Mr Freeman and Mrs Clayton are the dedicated young carer support workers, come and chat with them if you think you may be a young carer!

Feel free to pop in and chat to us or send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Young Carer services details

Carers Trust 4all

0333 323 1990





Katie is going to be holding regular drop in sessions in the nurture room - if you think you may be a young carer, feel free to pop in and chat to her! 



We also have a message box in our Nurture room if you want to write a message before attending a drop in session. These will be read by Miss Hulme, Mr Freeman and Katie from Young Carers! 


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