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Sports Update 22/01/21

It has been fantastic to see so many children taking on this week's 'Personal Best' PE Skills challenges. This week the challenges included keepy-uppy's, 5m shuttle run and football dribbling and I have been most impressed watching the videos of the children completing these challenges and the progress they have made throughout the week.

A number of our children again took part in the online Cricket coaching session delivered by Chance to Shine. Due to our fantastic engagement at home and in school we where named as the very first Chance to Shine 'School of the Week.' As part of this our children in school had their session live streamed on Youtube!

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Sports Update 04/12/20

With the return of Pickmere we were finally able to finish our KS2 inter-house Handball competition. In what was a very close and competitive event it was the Owls who finished as winners of the Pickmere event. However, the overall winners of the KS2 competition was ...the FOXES!

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Sports Update 20/11/20

The children have continued to work really hard in PE this week in a variety of sports including handball and badminton. A highlight for Hatchmere and Oakmere was taking part in their very first lesson of hockey.

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Sports Update 13/11/20

This week in PE our Key Stage 2 children have continued to work hard in their handball lessons with a focus on shooting technique. Also through taking part in adapted handball matches they have been working on decision making in competitive situations and applying tactics. Also due the wet weather Linmere took part in a badminton lesson which they thoroughly enjoyed. Here the learnt how to serve the shuttlecock and the basic rules of the game.

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Sports Update 06/11/20

This week the children moved onto their new sports and activities for this term in PE. Hatchmere and Oakmere have been working on throwing for accuracy and have put these skills into practice in dodgeball. Sandymere, Blakemere, Nunsmere, Pickmere and Linmere have all moved onto Handball and have been developing their dribbling and passing skills. They have also started to take part in small side Handball matches. 

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